Thursday, December 31, 2015

stressed without you, but I'm chillin'

One can notice in Reader Comments for news articles, mixed metaphors occur with some frequency.  Sometime I'm going to collect them and make what I think they call "a mash-up."  Maybe Beyoncé could turn it into a song...

"...You thought that I'd be sad without you, I laugh harder
Thought I wouldn't grow without you, now I'm wiser
Thought that I'd be helpless without you, but I'm smarter
You thought that I'd be stressed without you, but I'm chillin'..."

I read that she was working toward saving the world, which is good:  she's got the energy; many of us are tired.

According to Rolling Stone magazine, Beyoncé took part in a festival for a group called Global Citizen, and they aim to end extreme poverty by the year 2030.

This is a good idea.  Lyndon Johnson would get behind that.

So would Martin Luther King.


Notation:  There's a website called "PolitiFact" that is a non-partisan fact-checker.  You can go there and check stuff.

---------------------------- I was listening to Donald Trump in some news clips:  two things I noticed --

1.  It seems more showmanship than substance, less like a campaign, more like a show.

And 2.  He seemed to talk in circles - he would keep circling back around through phrases and points and say the same things again.

Once when I was in a luncheon meeting listening to a politician speak, I was taking notes on a paper placemat - at the end, when I looked down, I saw that my notes went in a circle -- around and around, on the paper.  (Perhaps I should become a speechwriter for Donald Trump - ha!  I'll write in a circle, and he can talk in a circle...)

{song excerpt, from "Survivor" -- recorded July 2000, SugarHill Studios, Houston, Texas - Destiny's Child.  Released Feb. 13, 2001.  Genres:  R & B; dance-pop.  Columbia.  Written by Beyoncé Knowles, Anthony Dent, Mathew Knowles.}