Thursday, August 21, 2014

on the level

a photo essay of the 1948 film, Key Largo
(film noir)

"Johnny Rocco the gangster, Mr. Temple.
The one and only Rocco."

"But they threw you out of the country."

"They called me an undesirable alien.  Me, Johnny Rocco!"

Then how could you be here?
-- Well, maybe I'm not, Pop.  This ain't real.  You're having a dream.

Rocco was more than a king.  He was an emperor.  His rule extended over beer, slot machines, the numbers racket, and other forbidden enterprises.

He was the master of the fix.
Whom he couldn't corrupt, he terrified or murdered.
...When Rocco talked, everybody listened!
What Rocco said, went!
Nobody was as big as Rocco!

-- I'll be back up there one day.