Friday, February 17, 2017

independent transport

The picture of a bike makes me want to know the story.

Who left the bike here?

Where has it been?

Where will its next trip be to?
(ending sentence in preposition - No!  No!)

The kid is coming back to get his bike and ride it to deliver newspapers...

He is going to ride the bike with his dog running alongside.

He has left his bicycle parked here, for a minute, while he runs down into a cellar with a door high up on the wall, to check there, & all about the dimly lit space, for clues to a jewel heist plan.

He is indoors finishing his homework, because only when that's done, is he permitted to ride the bike.

It looks like rain, so the bike's owner is hurrying to come out and grab the bike, and put it inside the garage.