Wednesday, June 17, 2015

all down the line

Was thinking that I must have written here about statesmanship, or what it means to be a statesman, on this blog -- and I guess I did -- June 11, 2012, and maybe some other days.

Statesman is one of my favorite words.

A documentary titled "Muscle Shoals" tells the story of the recording business which grew up in that area -- a group of Alabama towns known as "Muscle Shoals."

In the movie, reggae artist Jimmy Cliff ("The Harder They Come"; "Sitting in Limbo") says of the Muscle Shoals scene, "At certain points in time, there is a field of energy..."

Keith Richards and Mick Jagger both appear in "Muscle Shoals" just talking off the cuff about their experiences recording there, and the influence of the other artists such as Arthur Alexander and Aretha Franklin, who made some records at Rick Hall's F.A.M.E. studio. 

Mr. Richards points out that one of the first songs the Stones ever recorded in England -- was a Muscle Shoals song!..."You Better Move On."  He says to build that kind of a hit-making studio you've got to have someone with a big ambition, someone "like Rick Hall,

who's a total maniac" to make it happen..."you know..." he adds, "'e's a tough guy..."

If you play, under the "Special Features" segment on the DVD, the film with accompanying Commentary by the filmmakers, one of them murmurs here, "Keith's the statesman."

Yes!  He is!




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