Thursday, April 28, 2016

Hail Mary pass

rainy day

Someone Commented that our Republican Party is having "increasingly frantic searches for a Not-Donald Trump"...

Earlier this week some headlines were trying to insist to us that there would be a Kasich - Cruz "alliance" to put a stick in Trump's spokes...

(Folks, that was not an alliance, that was a moment...)

It's not easy to keep up, things switch around so fast.

NYTimes writer Gail Collins was quoted pinpointing Trump's "strong suit" as "a talent for not being Ted Cruz".

And now Senator Cruz's announcement that "Carly Fiorina" will be his vice presidential running mate (if he were to be nominated, we assume) was greeted with a Reader Comment from Chicago calling the move "a public works program for Saturday Night Live."

Others wrote in...

Ken H in Pittsburgh -- "Has there ever been a more grotesquely amusing election process in American history?  It's difficult to even accept that it's even real.  How can this have happened?"

M.E., Northern Ohio, says:  "Cruz is seeking a jolt?  Based on this latest brilliant move, I suggest he try electroshock therapy."

FilmMD, New York, 1 day ago -- "My God, what an empty, meaningless, histrionic stunt."
(To which, I cannot help but wonder, Does he mean Cruz's selection of Fiorina, or does he refer to the entire 2016 election process so far...?)

Truth, USA - "it's over Cruz you're only embarrassing yourself at this point.  You lost to Trump and Trump will lose to Clinton."

Ellen Hershey:  "In an unheard-of show of compassion, Ted Cruz decided we all need some comic relief."

Devar, New Jersey, "That's right Ted, just double up the crazy and go for broke.  This is a dream ticket for Democrats!

Annie - Seattle... If there's a 100th reason (I already had 99) not to vote for Mr. Cruz, I just found it.

Alter Eagle.  Woodbine, Georgia -- It only gets more bizarre....

Mark Lebow, Milwaukee, WI.  Well, I'm not voting for Cruz until I know who he picks for Assistant Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Unnecessary Programs, and that's final.

J - Brooklyn, NY - I want whatever he's drinking.


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