Friday, April 15, 2016

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There was an article earlier this week, "Barrage of Attack Ads Threatens to Undermine Donald Trump," which stated,

More than half of the record spending on negative advertising during the 2016 presidential primary has been directed at a single candidate, Donald J. Trump, a barrage that threatens to undermine his candidacy even as he continues to march toward the Republican nomination.

One New York Times reader Commented from Agoura Hills, California,

> > >  As reprehensible as I find Trump, I think that the money / media onslaught against him is a message to American voters that we will not be allowed to stray off of the reservation and choose someone not deemed suitable to represent us.  It is awesome and terrifying when the string-pullers all weave together.

Another reader, PS in Massachusetts, answered,

> > >  Gene - I agree.  It's way too much and if I was a Trump supporter (which I am not), I would dig in.  Someone's afraid of losing something.

Another wrote in,

> > >  ...There is no concern for anything on the part of these cartoonish candidates, only an oversized ego.  This is what happens when we let the plutocrats rule.


I noticed a headline today on BBC News which reads, "Do butterflies hold the answer to life's mysteries?" 

When we review and contemplate some of the candidates in this year's presidential election contest, it sort of seems like it might not be a waste of time to consult the butterflies ... why not? 

It's possible this would make more sense than some of the phenomena assailing our consciousness from the political sector ...


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