Friday, April 14, 2017

inverse relationship to sanity

Last week I started re-printing a New York magazine article about President Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner, in order to study -- or contemplate -- our current White House leadership and vision...  Then I set aside that topic for a few days, here, because my attention was claimed by the bizarre phenomenon of airlines attacking their passengers.

It seems like -- some of these companies:  first they attack their employees and once they're "cowed," now they're starting on the paying customers...which is not smart, but that sort of proves the saying (I don't know who said it), "Arrogance breeds stupidity."

The management leader for United Airlines, Mr. Munoz, appears to be a person who cannot tie his own shoes... first he tried to say it was the passenger's fault.  ("He protested noisily after our thugs beat him up!  Bad, naughty paying customer!")

I read that this "business leader" gets paid six million dollars a year.

It seems as if some of these giant greedy tax-dodging worker-abusing government-hand-out-sucking corporations are feeling subconsciously like Something Isn't Right, and they're "acting out," creating incidents such as the United one this week, to send the message: 

"Please!  We are paid too much money and we do stupid stuff!  We operate in a monopoly with no competition!  We cannot handle this amount of power!  See how we abuse it??!!  Please take it away from us!  Stop us before we injure ourselves!"