Thursday, April 13, 2017

thank you sir

"Why don't you tell me --

what's going on?..."

~~  Fleetwood Mac


I agree emphatically with the Reader Comment that included this thought:

But the real problem is, as mentioned in one of the editorials, the way we treat each other in general.  If we can do this to a random person on a plane, how far are we from being able to kill each other over nothing.

In any case, this is not civilized behavior!
(reader comment from Germany, in the NY Times)


Most of these reader comments are "going after" United Airlines, or all airlines in general, because that was the location of this particular incident, but I think everyone should continue to look at it with a "wider lens" -- it's a general thing in society -- too much brainless brutality and authoritarian behavior ("I'll bully you!  I'll bully you!  I'll bully you right out the DDDOOORRR!!!")

Inappropriate abusive insanity?
inappropriate abusive evil?


One New York Times Reading Commenter gave a four-point guide:

J. Jencks    Oregon

-------------- 1.  happily sold my UAL shares this morning.

2.  wrote and mailed a paper letter to Oscar Munoz, telling him I was boycotting and why.

3.  sent copies of that letter to Senators Roy Blunt and Maria Cantwell, the heads of the Senate sub-committee on airline operations.

4.  asked the Senators to revisit the rules that enabled United to engage in such abusive behavior under cover of the law.


"Ready for Transport"
Chicago O'Hare Terminal Tunnel
by John R. Rogers

More Reader Comments:

JD    San Francisco
-------------- You appear to miss the most revealing thing about this incident, which was how the guys with the badges treated a human being, and how the entire United crew on board allowed law enforcement to drag a paid passenger off the plane -- in the most disrespectful and humiliating way.  Let's talk about basic human rights first, not about rights of an airline -- a corporate entity that would not survive if it doesn't have customers.

Ogyu    Chicago, Illinois
------------------- "no matter how challenging the situation."

What is so bloody challenging about the situation of a customer sitting in a seat he reserved and paid for?

Rima Regas    Southern California
-------------- The best apology Mr. Munoz can make is to resign after firing the security firm his company uses and rescinding the policy of booting paying customers from flights so his staff can travel to work.

Somewhere in between these actions, Munoz should apologize to Asians everywhere.  Had this been a white man, we all *know* he would have been left alone.

Enough is enough!

"I Can't Believe What You Say Because I See What You Do"

~ James Baldwin

Jeff M    Middletown, New Jersey
----------------- United said, " one should be mistreated in this way..."  The question is, in what way should we be mistreated?  Tossed out the door at 32,000 feet?  Forced to ride in the lavatory?  The American flying public would like to know.

Sandra Knauf    Colorado Springs
---------------- Oh, so the stocks take a dive and NOW they apologize.  That means so much, doesn't it?  What a joke.  I'm so glad this behavior was exposed - thank you brave (and no doubt traumatized) passengers for getting the truth out there on how this big bad powerful corporation treats its bread and butter - its customers - before, during, and after an event like this!

Yellow Dog    Oakland, California
--------- We seem to have entered an era of brutal demonstrations of authoritarian power.  It is a logical extension of disregard for civil rights.