Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Cat Who Loved Fleetwood Mac

A good share of the pleasure a reader experiences with Lilian Jackson Braun's "Cat Who" mysteries comes from their titles:

The Cat Who Knew A Cardinal
The Cat Who Moved A Mountain
The Cat Who Wasn't There
The Cat Who Went Into The Closet
The Cat Who Came to Breakfast
The Cat Who Blew the Whistle
The Cat Who Tailed A Thief
The Cat Who Saw Stars
The Cat Who Robbed A Bank
The Cat Who Smelled A Rat. ...

Recently visiting some animals I know, I was playing music on You Tube and a formidable richly-orange cat nestled into the carpet on the computer room floor and listened, rapt, to "Buckingham Nicks full album."  Played some mid-seventies Fleetwood Mac, then, and the cat rolled (is that why it's called "rock-and-roll"?) over on his back, then onto his side, two paws and one foot benignly floating mid-air, the other foot braced against the wall in musical enjoyment.

There was a Fleetwood Mac documentary, and the cat listened to that, too...letting the commentary-and-information flow over and around him.

Internet Commenters Commented-in....

-- Bryan Poirier
Damn this is the shit right here

-- pisces firedragon
This album feels so cohesive and put together in such a way that brings deep insight to the minds of these two lyrical geniuses

-- Bambi Hernandez
Does anyone remember the radio station from Little Rock, Arkansas, with the dj 'stewart'???  can't remember the call letters for the station but, I do fondly recall pressing my ear to my radio and hearing this record for the first time!  Now that was the good ole days when hearing something like this for the first time was really something.  Thanks for posting.  Sweet Memories...

-- Awesome music made, played and produced at that time.  Thanks for sharing this.

-- You're right there girl!  one of the best albums ever made and where it's REALLY at

-- Beauty!  Legend!

-- What an epic journey they went through

-- a tapestry is made of many different threads.  Remove any of them and it will fall apart.  Without all of the threads, we wouldn't have heard some of the best music/stories written.  Unfortunate for the players, but it was a great gift to the world of music.

-- well what a story, great stuff, good luck to fleetwoodmac on their new tour


-- I grew up with and have always loved their music but never heard the whole story.  Thanks so much for posting this, it was fascinating!!

-- This would make a great movie.  Even though I listen to rap, (90s not the garbage out now) I love Fleetwood mac.  Stevie has that smokey, sultry voice that turns me on.  And Lindsey's guitar playing is legendary.  I also love Christine singing tell me lies.  awesome band.

-- So beautiful characteristic voices.  So much love and so much pain.  Respect to these wonderful people.

-- When I met them in L.A. -- in 1976 -- they were all exhausted.  Already!

I got nothin' but time
No time for living
I've been everywhere
It's all the same
I just need somebody
That I can lean on
Nobody wants to keep you
When you're in love with the game

But you know that I can't let go
And there ain't nothin' left to show
Got the feeling I can't say no
Without a leg to stand on

{song excerpt:  "Without a Leg to Stand On" -- Lindsey Buckingham -- Buckingham Nicks album -- 1973 -- Polydor}


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