Friday, October 10, 2014

as clean as my mother's kitchen floor

"I love Las Vegas!"
Congressman Charlie Wilson shouts exuberantly as he takes leave of his Fantasy Suite companions to fly back to Washington in time for a vote.

Back in the capital city,

walking the halls of the Capitol Building,

Congressman  Wilson's aide, Bonnie Bach (played by Amy Adams) walks with him.

They talk about his schedule for the day.  A steady flow of people moves past and around them.  Charlie exchanges brief greetings with some of them, while staying focused on the information from his assistant...

Bonnie -- "That Dairy Queen guy, Larry Liddle, is sitting in your office."

Wilson -- "Yeah, I told him he could come in."

-- He wants to talk to you about a crèche.
-- What, a nativity scene with Baby Jesus?
-- Yes, it's on public property, and the city's making him move it.
-- S--t, I thought he was just coming in to get his picture took..."

A young man comes up to them and says, "Congressman you're exactly who I need to speak to.  You have a moment?"

-- Sure.
-- Tip asked me to talk to you.

-- Okay.
-- He wanted me to talk to you about John Murtha.

-- Go ahead.
-- The prosecutor's gonna go after him.

Wilson -- "Well they ain't gonna find anything.  John Murtha's as clean as my mother's kitchen floor."

The guy says Tip would like to put you on the Ethics Committee just the same.
Wilson says, "You're kidding."
They joke a little about this, then Congressman Wilson says, "Okay.  Well, if anyone asks what the hell I'm doin' on the Ethics Committee, we'll just tell 'em I like chasing women and drinking whiskey and the Speaker felt we were underrepresented."

Bonnie (good-humoredly) -- "One man, one vote."

the Tip O'Neill aide -- "Tip's gonna want to return the favor. ..."

{Charlie Wilson's War -- directed by Mike Nichols, screenplay by Aaron Sorkin; 2007.  Based on the book, same title, written by George Crile.}


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