Tuesday, October 28, 2014

hard rain

"Isn't that how you were able to double the CIA budget for black approps in Afghanistan just by sayin' so?"

-- Why are you only askin' me questions you already know the answers to?

{Charlie Wilson's War.  Mike Nichols - Aaron Sorkin - 2007 - Book by George Crile}

A little later, as the conversation continues between Congressman Charlie Wilson and Houston socialite and sometime activist Joanne Herring...

Joanne -- Charlie?
-- Yes, ma'am?

-- Why is the CIA running a fake war in Afghanistan?
Wilson -- "They're doin' everything they can."

Joanne -- "They're doing it badly."

-- The CIA is arming the mujahideen.  Where do you think they're getting their weapons?

Joanne -- "They're arming them with 12.7 millimeter Dishukas.

Which would be good, except the Soviets have specifically armor-plated their Hind helicopter to resist a 12.7 millimeter shell.  We sold Pakistan F-16s, but didn't give them the look-down shoot-down radar."

----------- As she talks to the congressman she adjusts and re-applies make-up, looking in the mirror, with an array of beauty products, application brushes, etc. at her disposal.  A bottle of light yellow liquid says Chanel on it.

Beside Wilson, a bottle of brown liquid says whiskey on it. -------------

Joanne -- If this were a real war, State would issue a White Paper outlining the Communist threat, the way they did in El Salvador.

If this were a real war, there'd be a National Bipartisan Commission on Afghanistan, headed by Henry Kissinger the way they did in Central America.

If this were a real war, Congress would authorize 24 million dollars for covert operations the way you did in Nicaragua.

If this were a real war. ...

Charlie -- You may be.  The sexiest woman ever.  I'm not kiddin' -- you are Helen of Troy.

-- Are you patronizing me?

-- What do you want me to do, Joanne?

-- This is what I want you to do.  I want you to save Afghanistan for the Afghans.  I want you to deliver such a crushing defeat to the Soviets that Communism crumbles, and in so doing, end the Cold War.

Charlie -- I'll tell ya, I'd do it, too, but I got this Dairy Queen problem in Nacogdoches.

She turns her head sharply:  "Don't underestimate me, Charlie.  Believe everything you've heard."...

CUT to
EXT.  Marching Russian soldiers