Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Is Ronald Reagan in your bedroom right now?"

Joanne Herring asks this question of Congressman Charles Wilson in a phone conversation sometime in 1979 or 80...he's trying to off-put the conversation for later; she insists, imperiously, upon having his attention now.

"Then I'm considerably more important than whoever is."

Charlie Wilson says into the telephone, "Okay, I'm all yours.  What did I do that was so extraordinary?"

-- "Double it."

-- "What?"

-- [the voice of Julia Roberts coming down the phone line]--You told Jim Van Wagenen to double it.

-- ...Joanne -- I don't know what you're talkin' about and if I did, it'd be classified, and I'd wonder where you got your information on the subcommittee.
-- Oh, what do you care, hon?

The girl in Charlie's apartment starts noodging him:  "I was told you didn't have a girlfriend."

(his hand over the receiver talk-part) -- he tells her, "This isn't my girlfriend.  It's the sixth wealthiest woman in Texas.  Which is still pretty good."

Then, into the phone:  "Okay, so hi."

Joanne -- "A friend of mine has made a terrific movie about the need for American aid to Afghanistan."

-- He's made a movie?
-- Yes.  I'm gonna run this movie Friday night at my house at a fund-raiser.  You know, you've never been to my house, Charlie.
-- You want me.  To come to Houston and see a movie?
-- There'll be women and wealthy donors.  See you Friday.
-- Mh--Yes, ma'am.

In the next scene we're in a CIA guy's office -- Henry Cravely.  Gust Avrakotos comes in to see him.  Each of these two men has entered into the meeting in the belief that he is going to receive an apology from the other one.  Somebody put them together with this ruse, thinking it would end well.  It ends with property damage.

Philip Seymour Hoffman plays the part of Avrakotos.

Cravely is portrayed by actor John Slattery.

During the encounter, a uniformed workman enters the office, taking measurements for repair work.  Avrakotos interrupts the -- well, I'll call it a "spirited discussion" to demand, "I have no @#%&*-ing idea who this guy is."

Cravely barks, "He's here to fix the glass that you broke..."

---------  Throughout the film there are several scenes where Avrakotos is in conversation with someone and he refuses to  continue until some other person loitering around is either identified or removed.  (That must be what CIA guys do -- keep a look-out for other spies....)
{Charlie Wilson's War.  Mike Nichols.  Aaron Sorkin.  2007.  Book - George Crile.}


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