Monday, December 15, 2014

"I'm OK - he's a spy..."

Back on the plane, Gus Avrakotos and Congressman Wilson sit in the "scrunched" atmosphere, with silence all around them:  Gust compliments Charlie, "Hey, you did good back there, ignoring the religious [stuff].  'Cause these people are totally [flipping] unspooled, and I'm not just talking about the Muslims."

Charlie (defending, gently, with his usual "I'm OK, You're OK" vibe) -- Zvi's all right.

-- Oh, I know he is.  He is Mossad, by the way.

Different times, I've watched or listened to this movie, I never knew what the CIA agent Gust Avrakotos was saying, on that line -- it was like he was mumbling, and talking fast.  Then, reading script, still didn't know -- "Mossad" was another "mumble" to me; then looked it up, that's Israel's version of the CIA, turns out...

Oohhh - kay, ok, ok ok...


Avrakotos continues --
What I'm talking about is your friend in Houston.  Now, she's got to stop throwing fundraisers, and she's got to stop doing press.

Charlie Wilson (his tone a little defensive) -- " raising awareness."

Avrakotos (with a slight chuckle) -- She's using a non-secular vocabulary and framing this as a religious war.  And America doesn't fight religious wars.

Charlie Wilson (with a sigh) -- Is that right?

-- Yeah, that's why I like living there.

Flight Captain -- Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.  This is your captain.  We will begin our initial descent into Washington Dulles Airport.

Charlie -- "I got to go down to Houston, so..."

Flight Capt. -- I would like to thank you and hope...

Avrakotos -- Well talk to her.
-- Yeah I'll talk to her.

{Charlie Wilson's War.  Mike Nichols; Aaron Sorkin.  2007.}


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