Friday, February 13, 2015

"Fly -- FLY!"

An idea for a bumper sticker:

"Be nice + No More Weapons"


Yesterday, I was seeing the point of the gun-control advocates -- (a gun only makes most situations worse); then today, trying to use a self-service check-out (beep, honk, digitized voice speaking at me, visual messages jumping about on the screen), had facetious thought:  ("where are those guys with the guns and tasers when you need them?!") -- [confused anxious grumble] -- "...could come down here and really explain things t' this -- infernal -- machine."...

This infernal, wretched machine.

I think the computerized, mellow-y, echo-y, female voice in the selfservicecheckoutcomputermachine was probably designed to sound helpful and polite -- even soothing, but somehow it only succeeds in sounding weirdly scary, in a low-level way, similar to the flying monkeys in The Wizard Of Oz.


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