Wednesday, February 18, 2015

searching for "swing"

"Dylan has always had the easygoing phrasing of a jazz singer, and here his natural swing gets put to great use."
-- Seth Rogovoy, The Artery, online


Jerome Kern was once described by Richard Rodgers as "a giant with one foot in Europe and the other in America."  By the mid-1930s, Kern's European foot was still dominant....(Songwriter Dorothy Fields recalled that Kern kept a small bust of Wagner on the piano.)  At one point she and Fred Astaire tried to extract from Kern a number that would swing.  They found him unsure of exactly what that verb meant.

-- Easy to Remember.  The Great American Songwriters and their Songs.
   by William Zinsser


After three or four weeks of painstaking labors, Bill Persky and Sam Denoff finally finished a script that they felt was good enough to submit to Carl Reiner....then came the hard part.

"We sat in our office and waited," recalls Denoff.  "And we waited.  And waited.  We were going crazy....Finally...after two or three days...the phone rang.

..."Carl said, 'Fellas, it swings!  It's terrific!'"

-- The Official Dick Van Dyke Show Book,
   by Vince Waldron


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