Wednesday, March 25, 2015

kitchen songs, and books I'd read myself

Last year in May I read an article in The Atlantic about film-making and was typing about it here, May 13, 14, and 15, trying to figure things out.

"Hollywood needs to know what its fragile audience wants, and when it asks us, we tell them:  Make something like the last average thing I saw!" says Derek Thompson's article, The Reason Why Hollywood Makes So Many Boring Superhero Movies.

(May 14, 2014) - The answer to why some of this stuff sells is two-fold --
1, It got people's attention; and
2, Other people were attending it (or eating it, or whatever...)

That doesn't mean it was good.

It doesn't mean that we (the public) wanted it.

And it doesn't make it art.

Art should be created.  And then offered.  Not "tested" on the public during the process.

[excerpt - Life, by Keith Richards] ------------

---------------- I think I can talk for the Stones most of the time, and we didn't care what they wanted out there.  ...We are incapable of writing to order... ---------------

--------------------- [Life excerpt] ------------- [Later on] Mick...wanted to lay on me the latest hit he heard at a disco.  But it's already been done, pal.  At the time we were doing Undercover in 1983, he was just trying to out-disco everybody....

Mick was chasing musical fashion.  I had a lot of problems with him trying to second-guess the audience. 

This is what they're into this year.  Yeah, what about next year, pal? 

You just become one of the crowd. 

And anyway, that's never the way we've worked.  Let's just do it the way we've always done it, which is do we like it?  Does it pass our test? 

When it comes down to it, Mick and I wrote our first song in a kitchen. 

That's as big as the world is. 

If we'd been thinking about how the public was going to react, we'd never have made a record. ----------------- [end excerpt]

---------------------- [excerpt, Jackie as Editor, by Greg Lawrence] ---------------------

[Doubleday Publishing exec, Steve Rubin] -- "Jackie [Kennedy Onassis] only did books that interested her. 

She once told me, 'I never think in terms of best sellers.  I think in terms of books.'

Luckily, so much of what interested her was of interest to a lot of other people. 

The irony of it is, here's someone who produced a large number of best sellers simply by, in essence, opening up her own sensibility, and in turn, finding that it was somehow a universal among readers.  She was a formidable sponsor of projects,

representing her books within the process, unselfish and funny when presenting books at editorial meetings. ..."


That's it!

That's what I was trying to -- say - !

That's what I was trying to -- get to...!




I agree with Keith and Jackie!


(stalked by paparazzo)


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