Friday, March 20, 2015

optimistic, "sherbet" colors

an illustration of the Blue Room in the White House.
By Jacqueline Kennedy.

When I was little we had an easel like the one pictured above, at our house, in case anyone wanted to paint pictures.  (I don't remember anyone painting any...)

Did all the young wives/mothers in the early 1960s bring home easels and set them up, to imagine the possibility of taking up painting, after seeing this LIFE magazine photograph, I wonder?

Or maybe the trend was already Out There, and Mrs. Kennedy took it up along with everyone else. ...

Below, a watercolor painting done by John F. Kennedy, probably when he was still a U.S. senator, in the '50s.

In 1962, the President asked Mrs. Kennedy to visit India and Pakistan.  She took her sister Lee Radziwill with her.  A French artist, Jacqueline Duheme, did a book about the trip:


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