Thursday, April 23, 2015

"...and it will never be that way again"

Yesterday this photograph

appeared here -- taken at the Democratic Convention in Chicago, August of 1968, it features actor Paul Newman (Somebody Up There Likes Me; The Long, Hot Summer; The Sting) in foreground.  Further back at the left, with cigarette and flip-top glasses, is playwright Arthur Miller (The Crucible; Death of a Salesman)....



MLK, greeting people


----------------- March 31, 1968

----------------- [excerpt] -------------- No comparable good comes from great evil, but the assassinations of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King enabled President Johnson to notch his last major legislative achievement. 

On October 22, Johnson signed the Gun Control Act, which outlawed mail order gun sales and made it illegal to sell guns to anyone

indicted or convicted of serious crimes,

the mentally ill,

drug addicts, and

illegal immigrants. 

In the main, these restrictions are still in effect today -- and gun control has not been greatly expanded since.  In addition, Secret Service protection was extended to major party candidates for president and vice president.

--------------------- April 1968


------------------ June 1968