Thursday, April 16, 2015

I can't say what life will show me, but I know what I have seen

...And the thing is, maybe it is "Society's fault" when we see a policeman, who's supposed to be "the good guy," shooting a guy to death in broad daylight in South Carolina -- because, BECAUSE --

you can notice other examples of frightening, inappropriate aggression and harassment, in society, by people who are not in any area of law enforcement....

it's the BEHAVIOR, cutting across various types of people and jobs (behavior which escalated in the nineties for some reason which I can't figure out...).

A Reader Comment suggested having a "panel" to study the justice system as it is, and see what needs reform & fixing.

------------ He said "panel" -- in the state where I live, when the legislature wants to put extra consideration on an issue or area of issues they call it a

commission, or

a task force, or

a "summer study."

(I found it interesting and mildly funny -- with one governor who had a comfortable and pleasant personality, the study groups were called commissions; with another governor, who was less confident in himself and therefore louder and angrier, the groups were no longer commissions, they were called "task forces."  TASK!  FORCE!  TASKFORCE!!)----------


First thing they can study will be -- whatever government program it is that rewards harassment, jailing, and "violence against the non-violent" can be abolished.

(Such a program sounds idiotic now, but it probably seemed like it had good intentions -- but we've got the "law of unintended consequences" or something...)


A person can hardly imagine the testimony the panel will hear.


Reader Comment:  "In a way, I don't think the murder is the most damning thing.

It's the instinctual complicity of the other officers in the effort to cover up the crime.

This is what makes claims of a lone bad apple impossible to take seriously.

This is systemic."

It made me think of the Capitol Hill hearings (which I've only heard of, have never seen film of...) on organized crime, where one of the mafiosi they questioned was said to have taken the Fifth-Amendment and then -- inexplicably -- giggled; and Bobby Kennedy said, "I thought only little girls giggled" ...


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