Tuesday, April 28, 2015

"clearly not working"

Reader comments on news sites, last week

----------------- a crushed voicebox and severed vertebrae... that's more than missteps... sounds more like 200+lbs ... pressing on his neck/head while riding around for a half hour in a van hitting every pothole along the way to that precinct three blocks away...

--------------- missteps ??  the man is DEAD....

----------------- The commissioner said that detectives are looking into what happened when the van stopped a second time, a few blocks away at Dolphin Street and Druid Hill Avenue.
What happened?  They broke his back

-------------- The man walked into the van, and his neck was broken by the time he left it.  He was in police custody - in fact, shackled by the police - the whole time.  Res ipsa loquitur, the thing speaks for itself.

------------- I think it would be a very good idea to have established non-local, unbiased panels/agencies that oversee police activities.

------------- The cops should go to jail for killing this man.  They are not above the law.

---------------- they believe they are and the system works to reinforce that

------------- There's a lot of tap dancing going on.  But I wonder if it really has to do with future prosecutions, or just that they haven't all agreed on their story yet.

---------------- The Baltimore police are testing the waters when they start talking that Mr. Gray was not wearing a seat belt.  Who is going to believe that bs?


Reader Comments, this week (N.Y. Times)

-------------- Tom...After many years of blacks being harassed, beaten and killed by police and penalized by institutionalized racist policies, people are finally fighting back. 

And the trigger has been the videos of the numerous murders by police which have come to light.  Without the videos, these events "never happened" in the wider world and people's laments don't get any media attention and the issues are never addressed.

The rage that we are seeing is due not only to these videos but also to the countless other incidents for which there was no video.  The countless other incidents where the [policeman's] word isn't questioned.

Are these the "perfect" cases which "white" America needed to "convince" them that racism "exists"?  No -- there is no "perfect" case.  But Black people know and have had enough. ...

------------------ Ned - San Francisco... There is no excuse for violence, and it should not be employed by protesters.... However -- and this comes from someone who doubts the Ferguson cop was guilty -- the anger these protesters feel is understandable.

A crazy cop will do something evil once in a blue moon, and that is to be expected in a country of 325 million, but this is happening way too often, and we all know most cases of police abuse never come to light. 

There is clearly a culture of violence and racism in too many police departments in this country.  That giving a suspect a "rough ride" is even a "thing" is despicable. 

Cops are hired, by us, to protect us.  They are given great powers, and, consequently, we should expect great responsibility on their part.  The process of vetting new officers is clearly not working.  Violent, sadistic people should never be allowed to become [policemen].

[end, excerpted Reader Comments]


I had thought that I had a good idea -- LE (policemen and highway patrolmen) can easily do their work weapon-free:  no guns, no pepper spray, no tasers.  And then the incident in Baltimore occurred and now I have to realize something I could have never imagined or thought up:  these six policepeople (one of them a woman, I think) wound up with a dead guy & it sounds like they didn't use any weapons on him, just somehow, physically with some kind of "brute" force ...tried to -- it would appear -- rip the guy's head off.

So you could take the weapons away, and still have this kind of horrific behavior and consequence.

Taxpayer dollars pay those salaries.


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