Friday, May 1, 2015

younger and less experienced


---------- not surprised.  Portland, Oregon

Ever since the death of Freddie Gray, I've been waiting to hear the reason(s) why he was arrested in the first place.  To learn that there was no lawful reason makes his death all the more horrific.  And then to learn about the officers' depraved indifference...there are no words, only anger.

--------------- C.  Brooklyn

I commend Marilyn Mosby's courage.  In NYC, the NYPD murdered Eric Garner and nothing was done (adding yet another name to that sad and tragic list of dead Black/Latino persons denied justice).  I regret voting for DeBlasio,

same nonsense, different suit.  Hopefully, the NYPD and company can learn something from the example set in Baltimore.

-------------------- Marv Raps.  NYC

Daniel Donovan, the Staten Island Prosecutor

who saw nothing wrong with the way Police treated Eric Garner, might take a lesson or two from Marilyn Mosby.   She may be younger and less experienced but she has a back bone and the courage to hold officers of the law accountable for their actions.

------------------ chris Sullivan.  new York

how could it be that we could live in the first world of the first world, and have law enforcement run amuck with no accountability, like a rogue state.

this is good news. what a pity it took a black prosecutor to have to do this.

and some deep soul searching needed about the terrible segregation, and isolationism in this country worse than any other in the developed world, with the exception of Germany.  Lawlessness by those meant to protect and authorized to protect is something that is to be most feared and terrible indeed.

------------------- Seattle, WA

Hopefully, this will send a clear message to many corrupt officers.  But, sadly, the cell-phone cameras need to be on to catch them.  Now the message to the citizens:  police the police with your phones.

------------------------- Thomas.  NJ

This is execution by police American style.
To a Western-European living in the US America is a police state.
That this happens is because in addition to racism its citizenry is very much a United State of apathetic sheep.

__________(blue collar lit:  last week we were "white trash" now we're apathetic sheep -- is that a promotion or a demotion...?)

---------------- Providence, RI

I'm just so sick of the police serving as cop, judge, and executioner and don't know how the culture that allows them to behave like this will change.  However, Ms. Mosby sure did do her part in confronting this problem and her swift and thorough style was impressive.

------------------ WA state

In some sense, we should not blame police departments for the types of behavior we have been witnessing in recent months.  After all - politicians (at all levels of government), have emphasized

"Three Strikes, You're Out", "Zero Tolerance" "Stop and Frisk"

and all similar measures.  Police officers are in large part doing what they perceive to be required of them.  We, the people,  must start demanding reviews of these types of laws.

-------------- Brian Tilbury.  London

The FOP should have no role in protecting homicide suspects.  Stick to wages, hours, and job conditions.

[---------- end of Reader Comments]


Regarding "sticking to wages, hours, and job conditions" -- It looked to me, all along, like Baltimore's FOP spokesman must enjoy the taste of shoe leather, because his foot was in his mouth, like, all the time.  Several of his quotations -- I just thought, my gosh, either this man is stupid, or he's purposefully trying to make this situation worse.

Nuts, nuts, nuts.

And consider the concept of "Zero-Tolerance" --

That needs to be reviewed and re-reviewed, and
and reason
and humanity
need to reign:

--------------------- Think about Christianity -- we all think we luuuuuv "zero-tolerance," and we all think we're saved, but if Jesus Christ went by a zero-tolerance policy, we'd all have a one-way high-speed express ticket to you-know-where.

Are we Nazi Germany?  Or

are we a Christian country?


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