Thursday, July 30, 2015

feet, don't fail me now

"To hunt a species to extinction is not logical."
>  Dr. Spock

7 - 30 - 15 ---------------------

>>  1 suburban Minneapolis dentist on the run

>>  And the thought occurs:  Cecil the lion might be alive and well today, if he were half as big of a chicken as Walter Palmer.

This dentist fails to show up at work (does he need to "call in" to himself?  Call in -- "sick"; call in "on the run"; call in "in-hiding" ...?), apparently scared by protesters.

Photographs in media yesterday showed a few pre-teens with stuffed-animal cuddly toys, and an artist

making a picture of Cecil, peacefully protesting outside Dr. Palmer's clinic.  And he's hiding from these people?

What a drama queen.

Walter Palmer is old enough to remember the 1960s when protesting went on a lot, and people continued on with their lives.

People have a right to protest; and you have a right to go to your job.  Those aren't mutually exclusive.

You didn't see President Nixon "going into hiding" in the late 1960s and early 1970s when protesters against the Vietnam War flooded Washington, D.C.

(In fact, Nixon went down to the Lincoln Memorial one night and opened a dialogue, of sorts, with the people there -- [secret service and Haldeman, freakin' out...])

And this dentist is so very frightened by internet opinions and tweens with cuddly-toys? 
("Is it safe?  Is it safe?")
What a tool.

--------------------- Gee, gosh -- last week while shopping, I saw some cuddly-animal-toys at the store which looked -- well -- maybe a little dangerous, and -- and -- there were some tweens and teens and even moms who could have protested, and there were some paintings of animals, too, painted by -- ARTISTS -- ooh -- now I'm "fwightened" too!  Like big cross-bow-gun-bringin'-dentist-dude, maybe I hafta

"go into hiding"

"go underground"

...whatever they call it.

(Where would you "hide"?  I can hardly imagine.  In an attic?  In a basement?  In Canada?  In a secret room hidden behind a bookcase?) -- Hey -- I could hide in Walter Palmer's comfortable house in Edina -- he's not usin' it!  lol

Except one thing -- if I were to "go into hiding" at Dr. Palmer's house, I'd have to bring my cat with me, and if Walter came home early and saw my cat (who is almost as big as some of those soft cuddly-toys outside the Bloomington clinic) he might get scared again -- he might have to -- I don't know, hide under a chair or something.

(Go "into-hiding" -- under a chair.)

No use increasing his -- uhh -- trauma.


"I'm just so disgusted with that man... lure a lion like that out of the preserve and shoot him, how could anybody think that's sport?  Just appalling."
>  Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton

Minneapolis Star Tribune

Reader Comments

lanceness -- I only just found out that the collar was not only never reported, it was never recovered.  They only found the body from the last GPS reading from it before it was likely destroyed.  Palmer says he has not been contacted by African or American authorities yet that is not true, he is apparently not listening or not responding.  A lot of lying going on from the suspects.

I am left wondering if Cecil was possibly the intended target.  You could find pictures of him on the internet and that might be like selecting from a catalog to someone with money and a desire of a special animal as a trophy.  Even if he was not and it was just bad luck that drew him out I find it amazing that the professional local hunter claims to have not known the lion's identity given his apparent notoriety.

I also wonder if the long time before the fatal shot with a rifle was as long as it was for the desire of an arrow kill or to preserve the pelt never mind how long the suffering.  Hunting at night did not help in tracking.  Is it legal to hunt at night there with a spotlight?

Wardnjune -- This is the cat he wanted, the one he went down there to get.  They were hunting right outside the preserve, they were in Cecil's territory.  They had spotlights and Cecil had a distinctive black mane -- that's the head he wanted.  There's no way he couldn't have known what was in his sights when he took his shot.

manolive -- This guy saw too many Tarzan movies growing up.  And BTW, since when is tying a dead carcass to the back of a vehicle considered "hunting"?

d_kulawik -- The issue is that he's a poacher and he had the dumb luck to kill a national icon.  He has only himself to blame for the anger now directed at him....

BillInLA -- Give the man a chance to repent.  Send him back to Africa with instructions to bring back the head of Boko Haram Leader Abubakar Shekau.

And don't come home without it.

d_kulawik -- Walter Palmer has done more to hurt ethical hunters than any single person in history.  I've seen comments by many hunters who have voiced their utter disgust with this man's behavior.

He poached and fled Zimbabwe.



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