Thursday, July 16, 2015

have you met Jade Helm?

Read in the New York Times, some people in West Texas are burying their guns in the ground.  Interesting.

Since they probably aren't attempting to grown gun-"trees," I'm optimistic it's a symbolic gesture in support of peace, similar to beating the guns into plowshares only less noisy....

Next question:  When do they begin burying the beer?)

(Whoa -- wait a minute -- a beer -- tree?

Would it be right next to the gun-tree?

[Backyard target practice --

"a cartridge in a beer tree"]...)

With the NYT we count on knowledgeable, nuanced, enlightening Reader Comments such as:

NYC  9 hours ago
So many fifty-gallon drums of industrial-strength crazy.

--------------------- A question comes into my mind:  what is the difference, and how vast is it, between what people really believe, and what they sometimes pretend to believe?

Next question:  how much difference is there between what a person truly believes, and what he avows to believe when he has an audience?


Reader comments

Well now I understand how both Rick Perry and Ted Cruz got elected.  Seriously though it is sad that these folks aren't focused on the real threat to their and our freedom - the ever increasing takeover of our political system by money and those who have it.  Guess that is ok with them as long as they get their guns and beer.

Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Guns and paranoia about government makes America an unique country.  Patriotic Texans should chill out; no danger of a military takeover, yet.  Remember the old joke going around Latin America in the 80s.

Q:  Why a coup d'état never happened in the US? 
A:  Because there is no American embassy in Washington DC.

Shouldn't Waco, TX be spelled Wacko?  The Texan anti-government paranoia is symptomatic of much deeper animosity and fear. 

Much of the blame can be attributed to public servants who take advantage of such anxieties. 

Fear is a great motivator. 

It can garner votes and popular support for policies that run contrary to the public interest.  It can stop debate and the vetting of important issues...


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