Friday, June 17, 2016

didn't I tell you?

INT.  The Anton house - DAY

Far below on the first floor, the front door clicks open and the shadows of two people appear, sunlight behind them.  We hear Gregory's voice, as he speaks to his wife.

"You were right.  There is nothing more beautiful than London in sunshine.

PAULA:  I'm sorry I spoiled the day by bringing you home so soon.

CLOSE SHOT - Paula's gloved hands.  One hand holds her drawstring bag; the other hand is inside the bag, searching. 

GREGORY:  You should lie down and rest for a little, Paula.

CLOSE SHOT - Paula, giving up her search, tucking the bag and her guidebook together in one hand and turning to walk out of the CAMERA shot.  But the CAMERA follows her, as does her husband.

GREGORY:  Should I stay with you and not go out this evening?

PAULA:  No.  You go and work as usual.  Can you really work in that room you rented?  I wish you'd let me see it and make it attractive for you.

GREGORY:  I never notice my surroundings when I'm working.

GREGORY (continued) -- You might give me your brooch so I can have it repaired.
What's the matter?  Anything wrong?

PAULA:  Oh Gregory, I can't find it.

~~  What?

PAULA (reaching into her purse) -- I missed it when we were in the Tower.  I must turn everything out.
(takes everything out of her purse)

I know it was here.  I can't understand it.  I couldn't have lost it.  It must be here.  I'm sure it's there.  It's not.

GREGORY:  Paula, didn't I tell you?  How did you come to lose it?

~~  I must have pulled it out with something, I suppose.  I'm terribly sorry.  Please forgive me.

GREGORY:  Forgive, my dear?  It's not as serious as that.  It's not valuable.

~~  But your present to me, your mother's brooch.  I wanted to wear it always.  I don't remember opening my bag.  I suppose I must have.  You did put it in there?

~~  Don't you even remember that?

PAULA:  Yes, of course -- I do.  But suddenly, I am beginning not to trust my memory at all.

[spooky music, questioning music, very low in background]

GREGORY:  I tell you, you're just tired, that's all.

She continues up the stairs, and he goes with her for a couple of steps, attentive, then lets her go on up, alone.

GREGORY:  It doesn't mean anything.  I'm sure it doesn't.  Don't worry so, Paula.  Don't worry.

{Gaslight.  MGM.  1944.  Cukor.}


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