Tuesday, June 7, 2016

the study, the drawing room, the stairs

INTERIOR - the house in the square - Day

Paul and Gregory Anton go into the house.  Steep stairs confront their view.  Everything is high and dark and elaborate, ornate, "scrolly" and heavy.  Victorian-style -- curves and extra flourishes.

Framed paintings on the walls.  Mostly dark, with small squares and flashes of misty light coming in dimly through partially obscured windows.

She hesitates.

Her husband speaks to her.

"Now, Paula..."

He walks into the entryway, looking around.  She stands still, her eyes seeking familiarity, with eagerness and backwardness struggling in her mind.  She wants to go in, and yet she doesn't want to.

GREGORY:  This is the dining room?

PAULA:  Yes.  There's a little study beyond it.

GREGORY:  And the drawing room is upstairs?

__  Yes.

__  Come, Paula.  Don't stand there in the doorway.

PAULA:  Will you light the gas, please?

He strikes a match and reaches up, and into a gaslight on the wall, through the bottom of its bowl.  The wick catches, and light blazes up, giving some illumination to the surroundings.


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