Wednesday, June 15, 2016

shining sun, sparkling jewels

PAULA:  "Let's go out into the sunshine!"

EXT. - Tower Courtyard - DAY

People walking, in pairs and groups.

A new character, Brian Cameron (played by Joseph Cotton) has two children with him.  As they walk, Gregory and Paula Anton approach.  Cameron looks mildly astounded, and tips his hat to Paula, who gives a slight, polite nod in his direction.

YOUNGN GIRL:  Uncle Brian, what's the matter?  You look as if you've seen a ghost.

CAMERON:  That's exactly what I thought I'd seen.

YOUNG BOY:  There's no such thing as a ghost.

BRIAN CAMERON:  I know.  I meant I just thought I saw someone I know is dead.

(His voice trails off -- he keeps watching the Antons for a moment, wondering to himself...)

The Antons, walking together arm-in-arm, are back at center of the screen -- MEDIUM TWO-SHOT.

He is wearing black gloves; she is wearing white gloves.

PAULA:  I have no idea who he is.  He seemed to know me and...

GREGORY:  Do you usually bow to people you don't know?

PAULA:  No.  I supposed I'd met him somewhere.

GREGORY:  Are you telling me the truth?

PAULA:  Of course.  Why should I lie?  I don't know who he is.

GREGORY:  Yet you smiled at him.  Why?

PAULA:  I tell you, I wasn't thinking.  I don't know why I did it.

GREGORY:  Like the other things.

Paula stops walking, takes her arm slowly and gracefully away from his, and faces him.

PAULA:  What other things?

Gregory speaks casually yet at the same time gravely -- "Nothing.  Only I've been noticing, Paula,'ve been forgetful lately.

PAULA:  Forgetful?

She considers this, her face serious.

GREGORY:  Losing things and...
(he smiles softly at her)
Don't look so worried, Paula.  It's nothing.

He re-takes her arm in his and they walk.

GREGORY:  You get tired and...

PAULA:  Yes, that's probably what it is.  I get tired. 
(emotionally unmoored for a moment, she grasps at this idea, turning again to look at him, and disengaging her arm)

PAULA:  I'm tired now.  Can't we go home?

GREGORY (cheerfully) -- No, we still have the crown jewels to see.

He takes her arm in his again and they commence walking.

GREGORY (continued) -- They're in that building over there.

PAULA smiles, as if to lightly joke, or tease.
PAULA:  How do you know?

~~  What did you say?

~~  How do you know where they are?  You haven't been here before.

This time Gregory stops walking, dis-entwines their arms from each other, and faces her.)

GREGORY:  The guide told us inside.  Are you becoming suspicious as well as absent-minded, Paula?

As she takes up his arm again and the two of them again walk, she says, "No, of course not, Gregory."

INT.  The Jewel Room

The CAMERA circles around a multi-tiered display of sparkling jewels, some in elaborate settings, some in crowns.

MUSIC, low, mournful, suspenseful, quivers in the background.

GREGORY (gazing at jewels) -- The Kohinoor or "Mountain of Light."  It's the most famous diamond in the world.  The imperial state crown...

(He reads aloud from the guidebook; his voice goes dream-like, trance-like, dropping to a half-whisper, & his eyes shine and seem to stare far away as he begins...)

GREGORY:  "...was made for the coronation of Queen Victoria.  Among the jewels it contains are the ruby of the Black Prince...the size of a hen's egg, the Stuart sapphire...which was among the jewels James II took with him when he fled to France, and the diamonds and pearls from the earrings of Queen Elizabeth."

He pauses, and his voice goes back to practical, modern-day.

GREGORY:  Jewels are wonderful things.  They have a life of their own.

PAULA:  Gregory, can't we go home now?

GREGORY:  Of course, my dear.  I'll take you home.

As the Antons are taking leave of the room, Gregory keeps looking in a fascinated way at the famous, historic jewels. 

He and Paula pass some other tourists, and cross behind Brian Cameron with his niece and nephew. 

Mr. Cameron turns his head slightly, to unobtrusively get another glance at Paula, as the Antons exit through the door.

{Gaslight, 1944.  Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.  Screenplay written by John Van Druten; Walter Reisch; and John L. Balderston.  Directed by George Cukor.  Produced by Arthur Hornblow Jr.}


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