Wednesday, July 20, 2016

ah, lovely, isn't it?

INT.  The Dalroys' ballroom - night

The musicians finish their sprinkly little number with a flourish, and a cello player and some violins vacate the performance area to make way for the next act.

The Antons are in the doorway.  As the music ends, Lady Dalroy goes over to welcome them.

LADY DALROY:  You're Paula Anton.  I'm sure you don't remember me.

PAULA:  I do indeed, Lady Dalroy.  It was at the children's party here, and there was a magician.  May I introduce my husband, Lady Dalroy.

LADY DALROY (to Gregory) -- How do you do?

GREGORY:  I hope you will forgive all the confusion -- but my wife suddenly felt much better, and we were so anxious to come.

LADY DALROY:  But of course. 

(The three of them walk into the party together.)

LADY DALROY (continued) -- You'll find some seats over there.  Seratsky hasn't played yet.  I'll see you later at supper.

As Mr. and Mrs. Anton move away to join the other guests in the audience, Lady Dalroy's glance meets that of Brian Cameron, and she nods to him:  ('Paula Anton's here'...)

The Antons find seats; applause greets the next musician as he enters, stands at the piano and bows, then sits down to play.

His song is resolute, dramatic, with arresting introductory chords.

In the audience, Paula Anton listens and watches the piano player, a small, soft smile upon her countenance. 

Gregory Anton has noticed someone else in the room.  We see Brian Cameron's face.  Back to Anton -- he turns his head slowly, to gaze into the festively dressed crowd.

Ladies flicker fans before them, with subtle movements.

The piano music seems to "drama" to a higher plane of excitement, commanding attention.

CLOSE SHOT:  Cameron, looking toward the Antons.

CLOSE SHOT:  Paula and Gregory, from the back.  Paula turns her face toward her husband and whispers,

"What are you looking at?"

GREGORY:  Nothing.  I thought I saw someone I knew, that's all.

MED. LONG SHOT:  ballroom full of people.


MED. SHOT:  piano player.

In the foreground is the raised lid of the grand piano.

Middle ground:  Musician playing piano, facing us, the viewers.

Behind the piano player:  part of the Dalroys' guest audience.

CAMERA PANS to the Left,
Showing us the seated, listening party guests.

The music now is medium-tempo -- light, gentle, inquisitive.

MED. CLOSE SHOT:  the Antons, sitting, listening.

We can see the jewelry glinting on the necks of the ladies seated behind the Antons.

Mr. Anton touches a gloved hand to the watch-chain inside his dinner jacket, on the vest.  Fingering the chain, he looks down, then looks back in the direction of the music.  With his other hand, he touches the watch pocket.

GREGORY (in a whisper) -- Paula.

She keeps on enjoying the music; her facial expression stays the same.

He whispers again:  "Paula."

She continues to watch the piano player, but her eyes change from the look of rapt, dreamy concentration to more awareness of the immediate moment and surroundings. 

She leans slightly toward her husband, to listen to what he's going to say, while still keeping her eyes on the performance.

CLOSE SHOT:  Gregory and Paula.

She's gazing forward; he is looking toward her.

GREGORY:  My watch is gone.



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