Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Baton Route, St. Paul, Dallas, etc. etc.

Looking at current problems of Americans murdering one another, it makes us think of different things.  You can look at the whole picture and take out various parts of it, and still see a problem. 

You can take out race, and find white people who have been harassed and stalked by law enforcement officers. 

Put race back in, and take police out of the "picture," and we can see a general problem, going across our whole society, of inappropriate aggression.

Out-of-control, shooting, shrieking policemen are not the only problem.  You don't have to look far, sometimes, to find out-of-control, shrieking civilians "tantruming" and focusing on being mean to people instead of making their own lives better, or doing good work. 

Take guns out of the picture, and watch intimidation, stalking, harassing, bullying ("I'll bully you!  I'll bully you!  I'll bully your right-out-the-ddddddoooooorrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!") behavior come into focus.

I could see this behavior accelerating in the 90s.  I did not know why some people were acting like this, but I did notice it.

I read a magazine interview with Sarah Jessica Parker where she mentioned the situation that occurred in Martins Ferry, Ohio, where the surrogate mother who was having twins for SJP and her husband, had her house broken into --

. . . the burglars stole some surrogacy-related items including pictures of ultrasounds (maybe to sell to tabloids?).  And the people who allegedly planned this burglary were -- two police chiefs - ? ! ? ! ???? !!!!

Parker's remark about this incident stayed in my mind:  "Could we treat each other any  more poorly?"

When she said "we" she didn't mean police or civilians or gun owners or black people or white people, or people who steal poems and ultrasound photos (I'm not kidding, look it up online) -- I took the "we" in her comment to refer to Americans, or maybe all people.

"Could we treat each other any more poorly?"


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