Thursday, July 21, 2016

save the country

Part I.  Reader Comments Brief

Part II.  Gaslight (1944) - continued


Part I.

Michael    Tacoma, WA
I must admit I'm rather torn.  I support refusing to endorse Mr. Trump.  But then I also support booing Senator Cruz...

M   Nyc
I harbor zero love for Cruz, but he might have just helped to save the country from Trump.

S   MC
I harbor no love for Trump but at least he saved the country from Cruz.

________________ Reader Comments from story in the New York Times, "Ted Cruz Stirs Convention Fury..."


Part II.

INT.  The Dalroys' ballroom - Night

MED.  CLOSE SHOT:  Gregory and Paula Anton

After Gregory tells his wife (in a low voice so as not to disturb the concert audience), "My watch is gone," he takes her purse and feels through the inside of it with his gloved hands, and comes up with the watch.

She starts freaking out.


{Gaslight, 1944, MGM.  Ingrid Bergman; Charles Boyer.}


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