Thursday, August 4, 2016

concentrate, concentrate

Paula with a book and the glass of milk that Elizabeth brought.  She is trying to rest and get her mind on something else, to try to relax and not be afraid. 

She is reading.  Her voice is heard, reading the words, "I suppose people who go every night to places of public amusement..."  And we hear her husband Gregory's voice saying, "Your mother was mad!  Your mother was mad!"  She struggles, determined to concentrate.

The next night Brian Cameron (Joseph Cotten) shows up at the house.

("He goes out every evening...?"
"Nancy says he's told her not to let the mistress see anyone."
"Then you'll have to make sure Nancy isn't home tonight.")

Elizabeth opens the door to Cameron.  She says No, I can't let you see the mistress.  He says, "I'm a friend, and you're going to let me see her."

"Oh no, sir, I'd lose me place!" protests Elizabeth.

But Ingrid Bergman (Paula) is coming hesitantly, shyly, down the stairs.

{Gaslight, 1944}


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