Friday, August 19, 2016

so we both ended our search tonight

INT.  Upstairs hall - night

MED. SHOT - Anton, and Cameron

The two men stand face to face in the hallway when Cameron steps forward and says challengingly, "I didn't know, then, that she was walking with -- Sergis Bauer."

GREGORY:  I'm afraid I don't know your name.

BRIAN CAMERON:  Cameron.  Shall I tell you my address, too?

GREGORY:  No.  I think I can guess it.

CAMERON:  So we both ended our search tonight.

(He lifts the jeweled stage gown up into the SHOT, and as Anton makes a slight move toward him, Cameron stands back and holds up the dress for display) --

"And this is where Alice Alquist hid them.  Where all the world could see them, and yet no one would know where they were...except the man who gave them to her, watching from the royal box. 

Pretty clever of her to put four priceless jewels" --

(Gregory Anton, watching his chance, his eyes looking this way and that, makes a sudden move and swoops behind Brian Cameron, and moves swiftly for the stairs. 

Cameron, just as quick, pirouettes and comes to a stop squarely between Anton and the stairway.  [we must remember, Cameron has the Alice Alquist dress, but Anton has already removed the four priceless jewels from it])


...Pretty clever of her to put four priceless jewels among a lot of paste and tape."

With Cameron blocking the stairway, and his escape with the jewels, Anton glowers and demands, "For the last time, what do you want of me?"

CAMERON:  The jewels, and justice.  How does it feel, Bauer, to have planned and --

CLOSE-UP:  Anton's hands, behind his back

His right hand is bringing out from under his jacket a small revolver.

MED. SHOT:  Cameron and Anton

CAMERON:  How does it feel to have planned and killed and tortured for something -- and then to know it's been for nothing?

GREGORY:  For nothing?

Anton whips the gun around from behind him to in front of him, and Cameron, lightning-quick, grabs the gun-arm.  They struggle, wrestling for the gun.

INT.  Downstairs hallway

Paula walking toward the stairs, alarm showing in her facial expression; she's listening.

SFX:  BANG! -- the gun goes off

Paula is startled, horrified -- she reels slightly, and grasps the banister for support.

CLOSE-UP -- the men's hands, as they fight for the gun

Cameron has hold of Anton's wrist, as he drops his gun.  It hits the floor, and clatters to a stop, down a couple of stairs.

MED. SHOT:  the two men

Anton nimbly, with the determination of a man in possession of four priceless jewels, dodges around Cameron, and runs fast up the stairs, toward the boarded-up attic with the skylight (escape!).  His long, dignified, 19th-century gentleman's coat flaps and flutters behind him as he flies.

Cameron recovers his balance and takes off up the stairs after him.

{Gaslight, 1944 - MGM.  Charles Boyer; Ingrid Bergman; Joseph Cotton.}


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