Wednesday, August 17, 2016

this curious dream of yours

INT.  Gregory Anton's study - night

When Elizabeth says, "Yes sir, I see - just - how it is," she leaves, and Mr. Anton turns back, just a partial turn, toward her, with a slight momentary concentration and furrowed brow as if he heard some little subtext which he then seems to mentally brush off.

PAULA:  I couldn't have dreamed it.  No, I couldn't have dreamed it.  I couldn't have dreamed it.  I couldn't have dreamed it!

He stands staring at her.

She looks at his unyielding countenance, and her eyelids seem to become heavy, like she's ready to fall asleep or faint.

PAULA (her voice soft and kind of sing-song, as if she's going into a trance) -- Did I dream?  Did I really -- really -- dream?  (her eyes close, and open; she has a faraway gaze) -- "Dream...dreeaamm..."

GREGORY:  Yes, Paula, you dreamed it.  You dreamed all day long.

PAULA:  Are you telling me that I've dreamed...

GREGORY:  Everything.

PAULA:  All that happened?

GREGORY:  All that did not happen.

PAULA:  Then it's true.  My mind is going.

GREGORY:  And I told you, Paula...

PAULA:  It was a dream.

GREGORY:  Like all the rest.

Her eyes closed, as if sleep-walking, Paula seems about to collapse; her hands search for something to hold onto.

PAULA:  Take me away.  I can't fight it anymore.

She reaches a small sofa, and half-sits, half-lies upon it, her mental torment and confusion finding physical expression in her posture of defeat.

PAULA (moaning) -- Take me away...

GREGORY:  I will.

PAULA:  It was a dream.  Take me away.  Take me away...

The CAMERA has been following the Antons across the room.  As she slowly collapses in front of him, Gregory's attention is focused on her. 
    The CAMERA, meanwhile, having moved with them, now moves past them, revealing to the audience BRIAN CAMERON standing straight and tall in the doorway, holding Alice Alquist's jeweled dress casually in one hand, like a satchel.

CAMERON:  Was I any part of this curious dream of yours, Mrs. Anton?


{Gaslight.  1944.  MGM.  Director:  George Cukor.  Screenplay by John Van Druten, Walter Reisch, and John L. Balderston.}


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