Thursday, December 29, 2016

it's great to stay up late

Good mornin' - good mornin'!  We've talked the whole night through

Good mornin' - good mornin' to you.

Good mornin' - good mornin'!

It's great to stay up late,

Good mornin' - good mornin' - to you.

When the band began to play
The sun was shinin' bright.
Now the milkman's on his way,
It's too late to say goodnight.

So, good mornin' - good mornin'!
Sunbeams will soon smile through,
Good mornin' - good mornin' - to you,
And you, and you, and you!

Good morning - good morning -
We've gabbed the whole night through.
Good morning - good morning - to you.

Nothin' could be grander than to be in Louisiana
In the morning, in the morning,
It's great to stay up late!
Good mornin' - good mornin' - to you.

It might be just as zippy
If you was in Mississippi!

When we left the movie show,
The future wasn't bright,
But came the dawn,
The show goes on,
And I don't wanna say good night

So say, Good mornin'!
Good mornin'!
Rainbow is shining through
Good mornin'!  Good mornin'!
Bon jour!  Bon jour!
Buenos dias!  Buenos dias!
Buon Giorno!  Buon Giorno!

Guten morgen!
Guten Morgen!
Good morning to you.
Waka laka laka wa
Waka laka laka wa - Ole, toro, Bravo!


{Music by Nacio Herb Brown
Lyrics by Arthur Freed}


>> Type in on Google:
"good morning, in singing in the rain"
Then you can play the performance of this song. <<


(Reader Comments)

------------- I love Singing in the Rain and Star Wars....Thanks to these talented women who graced our lives....

---------------------- This has been one helleva year.  Not since 1968

has the level of our country's woes brought me to my knees as has 2016.  Brutal.

Clyde Wynant    Pittsburgh
-------------------- Debbie was 19 when she played her seminal role in "Singin' in the Rain" and daughter Carrie was exactly the same age when she broke out in "Star Wars."  And Debbie she dies a day later?  A truly sad and oddly amazing turn of events....

Steve    California
--------------------- The song and dance "Good Morning" from "Singing in the Rain" is my all time favorite....

Boo    East Lansing, Michigan
------------------- I loved Singing in the Rain and The Unsinkable Molly Brown.

Noo Yawka    New York, NY
------------------------ Loved her with Frank in the Tender Trap.

------------------- If this sad turn of events puts you in a dark mood, I have a solution that will also honor Debbie's talent:  Watch "Singin' in the Rain."  (Doubtless showing on TCM soon...)  Not only the greatest Hollywood musical but also a guaranteed way to feel happier.