Thursday, July 27, 2017

entitlement vs. love

"If Jeff Sessions is fired there will be holy hell to pay."
~~  Lindsey Graham, U.S. senator


When I was a little boy
(When I was just a boy)

And the devil would call my name

I'd say, "Now who do...
Who do you think you're fooling?"

I'm a consecrated boy
Singer in a Sunday choir
Oh my mama loves me, she loves me
She get down on her knees and hug me
Oh, she loves me like a rock
She rock me like the rock of ages
And she loves me

She love me, love me, love me, love me...


"out-of-network" medical billing,
Reader Comments on NYT EmCare article:

---------- A friend of mine who is retired from the insurance business said the big problem is that everyone involved in medicine thinks they deserve to be a multi-millionaire.  What used to be a good job has become a massive revenue source.  Entitlement, with sick and injured people being held hostage.

August West
---------- This makes me so angry.  In-Network, out-of-network -- who flipping cares?  It's legalized robbery, is what it is,

and every doctor who submits one of these scandalous bills for out-of-network care, or allows such a bill to be prepared by others, should be forced to surrender his Mercedes and ride the bus so he can truly understand the consequences that these billing practices carry for the rest of the world.

There is simply no excuse. 

Just because you can do it doesn't mean that you should do it. 

Every physician who participates in this is part of the problem and should have "greed monger" printed on his office door.  Physician, heal thyself.

------------- Nothing new, but these kind of articles are good for showing people that it isn't only the pharmaceutical companies that make our healthcare system so expensive.

Every hospital employs coders who spend their day sifting through patient care documentation looking for "legal" ways to get the biggest reimbursement for their employer.  They also bring in consultants who will review past hospital admissions looking for missed opportunities to get more money.

You want to know why it is so hard to get the Democrats or Republicans to get us to single payer?  There are too many people making so much money off our healthcare system that will do anything to prevent the spigot of money from being turned off.

Thomas L
Chicago, Illinois
------------ I am a fairly conservative guy, but it is painfully obvious that we need a single - payer system.

Jorge D. Fraga
New York
------------ Out of network billing = legalized robbery.

----------- There it is - private profit is the only thing middle-men corporations are interested in.

Single-payer seems to be the solution you are looking for.

David Gregory
-------------- So much of the business side of healthcare in the US is seedy and unseemly.

Barry Long
------------ Every time I read something in the NYT about health care, insurance, hospital costs etc, in the US, I boggle. 

This is third-world stuff. 

How can a country that is so advanced in many ways be so backward in many other ways?  How can a country let greed corrupt so many of the essential requirements of its citizens?

Washington state
----------- Exhibit A for Single Payer

----------- The company is a predator abusing the loopholes in the healthcare system.  Their management should be named (a weakness of this article) and shamed, and if possible brought to court.

Ann Arbor
-------------- Shame on this management:

Christopher A. Holden, President and Chief Executive officer
William A. Sanger, Executive Chairman and Director
Claire M. Gulmi, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Robert J. Coward, Executive Vice President and President - Physician Services

Randel G. Owen, Executive Vice President and President - Ambulatory Services Group
Patrick B. Solomon, Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer

Newark, NJ
--------- This sounds like a fraudulent if not criminal scheme worthy of investigation under RICO 18 USC 1961 et seq.  The US Attorney's Office and the states' Attorney Generals should get involved in this one.  Private individuals may sue under 18 USC 1964 for treble damages and counsel fees.

Schuyler Winter
--------------- ...Why is there no "Fiduciary Standard" in health care?

---------- Health care in the US is anything but transparent and until that changes, we can all be taken advantage of, and with little recourse.

Ann Arbor
----------- Beware residents (and 1 million Midwesterners) - EPMG (Emergency Physicians Medical Group) sold to EmCare in 2016.  Examine your bills and ask questions up front. 

Secret deals and surprise billings could bankrupt you.

State legislation forced crooked car repair shops to be more transparent. 
Consumers deserve at least the same transparency in health care.

--------------- Privatization and deregulation, when you hear those 2 words lock up your money tight.

-------------- The general public would probably be surprised if they realized how much in our health care system is based on revenue generation relative to how much is based on what actually works.

Carr kleeb
-------- About 6 months after gall bladder surgery I received a "bill" from an out-of-network doctor for "assistance during surgery." 

I sent the bill back with the following note:  I don't know who you are or why you are sending this bill, but I'm not paying.  I never heard from him again.

I am not suggesting patients don't pay for care, but we need as consumers to

stand up for ourselves and not just cower in fear. 

There is strength in numbers and right now we ALL need to speak up about this health fiasco we are facing -- ridiculous costs, insurance fraud, and poor care.