Tuesday, July 18, 2017

tremendous poise

Fascinating You Tube.

There are whole films uploaded there -- ("up" there...?).  People watch them and Comment on them.

There are scenes from films, and also what most people seem to call movie "trailers" -- though I still want to call them "previews" ... and people watch those and Comment on them.

There's a video on You Tube titled "Manhattan (1979) Official Trailer."
Djezuz Djonez Commented:  "I wish that movie trailers hadn't devolved into such the formulaic edits they are now"

(sort of a typing error there, or more like a proofreading blip where he says "such the formulaic edits" -- should be "the formulaic edits" or "such formulaic edits" but the way he typed it, even though it isn't technically grammatically sentence-ily correct, it gets both points across -- or, the two layers of the point....(?)

On another Woody Allen film, Play It Again, Sam,
fred in the shed 1
"The end of this scene is SO funny when they settle for the smashed vase."

(It was a lamp, not a vase....  It's always interesting to me when I read something or look at something, and then read Comments, and someone will type something that was not in the scene, or the picture, or the article...  Differing perceptions...  No wonder there is so much confusion in the world...)

On a You Tube video titled "Hannah and Her Sisters -- Favorite Scenes" Otto Pivner wrote this Comment:
------------------- This part of the film is so wonderful.  "I had to sit down -- I went into a movie house; I didn't know what was playing or anything, I just needed a moment to gather my thoughts and be logical, and put the world back into rational perspective."  *cut to the anarchic comic lunacy of the Marx Bros.* -- priceless!

fat back funk ----------- "how the hell do I know why there were Nazis I don't know how the can opener works" ..

Robert Goldberg ---------- This contains some of the wisest info we're probably equipped to know .... Thank you for posting it!


Christine McElfay ----------- I've seen this at least 20 times.  Also Midnight in Paris.

Frank Boyle --------- This is a friggin riot.  I love this guy he is a comedic genius.  The best part?  Most of what he is saying is true.  The best humor is sometimes the truth being told.

Vijay singh kunwar ----------- Every Woody Allen movie is someone's favorite Woody Allen movie, & this is my favorite!!

Allegedsuccess ------------ Love how he delivers the last line.

Justine Hong --------- Wait, is he purposely being so sentimental (as a joke) or is this his true outlook on life?
---------starchildstrider (+Justine Hong) --------- I think that it is to be perceived as both -- Woody Allen has the gift of being able to express multiple emotions/thoughts simultaneously.  He can be funny while being equally profound at the same time.  It's one of the things I love about WA films.

BarnBeastPetite --------- What's the song?
---------- 1966425 ---------- Back to the Apple by Count Basie.  Great song on a great soundtrack.  It's worth finding.

"Annie Hall (1977) Best Scenes"

colin glen --------- I've been going to the cinema twice a week for the longest time ..and would be content to see a film half as good as Annie Hall only once a year.  They have no idea how to make good films anymore.

~~  great movie
~~  everyone looked hideous in the 70s

Brian Garrigan -------- Easily one of the greatest movies ever made.

Nick Zedd ---------- The music drowning out all of the dialog is really annoying and unnecessary.

> > [This Commenter is talking about music on the upload of Annie Hall's "Best Scenes" -- not in the film Annie Hall...

I too would have put the music separately -- the music's terrific, but while it does not literally drown out the dialogue, it does compete with it... 

And maybe it didn't bother me as much because even if I cannot hear the dialogue clearly, I probably have it pretty much memorized, on some level, by now...] < <

Sager -------- Beautiful comedy.  Can't believe it was made in 1977.


Alena Rudenko ------------- It feels like I've watched a movie.  Thanks for the clip.

1GRR ---------- insufferable

Metamorphosis67 ----------- It looks like Gus Van Sant was very much influenced by this film's narrative structure when he came up with a similar one for "Drugstore Cowboy


Drugstore Cowboy
Midnight Cowboy
Midnight Express

...film titles that sometimes mix me up because they make me think of the other two...and I've not seen any of them, so all I know is the titles...

Play It Again Sam Blind Date Scene

sawadee --------- I have to say I have seen this film more than 300 times and it never fails to make me laugh.

Sukhbir Sekhon ------- ... The scene is so beautiful and funny and sad.  It's like a ballet.  I can watch it again and again.

sawadee ------ ...It's hard for me to see movies coz I always compare the experience with films like this one

Mike Metelnick ---------- I love the rain.  It washes memories off the sidewalk of life.  Lol

Mike Metelnick -------- I'm no longer gonna be at 431 5997

Marcus Trancoso --------- Most hilarious scene.

Matt Capitano ---------- one of the funniest scenes in film history

Stu2611 ----------- It's a masterclass in comedy, I can watch this over & over

cashmere1 ------- I love this film so funny

Cooler King ---------- "Tremendous poise!"
---------- slide 4180 ------- I say this to myself before every date.  Sometimes it works...

Metemi ------- Alan is a trifle tense.

rrrock ------- Watch the very end of the scene:  Everyone is trying not to laugh.
------- KelleyPinkham (+rrrock) ----- EXACTLY  you know it's a classic when the actors can't even keep a straight face!

KelleyPinkham ---------- rain washes memories from the sidewalks of life    lmfao

wooly samoan --------- this guy is either a savant, or an idiat savant.

Shawn Michaels -------------- I love the incoherent grunt in place of an actual hello.

Adamtzsch ----------- "Hhhhuhhh!"

Terence Fletcher --------- priceless  hahaha

Tony0000 ---------- So good it hurts!

On Google, type in:

play it again sam blind date scene

and you can watch it