Friday, July 7, 2017

One Comment and Four Songs

Today's New York Times had a story titled, "Mitch McConnell, Master Tactician, Faces Daunting Challenge:  A Health Bill"

One Reader Comment was from Don, in Texas

(I thought, "Texas?  Again?")...

Don wrote:
Republicans have been winning elections for 6 years by demagoguing Obamacare, voting repeatedly to repeal it, knowing they have no replacement, and escaping accountability for their political malfeasance thanks to President Obama and his veto pen.  They're trapped by their own lies.

Now they've got a president who will probably sign anything they put in front of him just so he can brag about "winning".  Suddenly they're accountable and they don't know what to do.

They're handling the issue like the proverbial "hot potato".  House Republicans contorted themselves for some time before finally getting it together sufficiently to toss it into the lap of the Senate and now the Senate is in agony.  They don't know what to do.

The House members shouldn't feel that good though because if McConnell tries to keep it alive it will eventually get tossed back to them.

I can't think of words adequate to describe how disgusted I am with the GOP.  They seem to have no regard for honesty or the people in our country.


A Playlist to start the Weekend

It was going to be four songs, but I added two...

Play on You Tube, in this order --

"Ode to Billy Joe"    (Bobbie Gentry)
"Taxi"    (Harry Chapin)
"I Can See Clearly Now"    (Johnny Nash)
"I Can See Clearly Now"    (Jimmy Cliff)
"Running On Empty"    (Jackson Browne)  [play four hundred and fifty-nine times...     : )

(and then add on these two)
"Sitting in Limbo"    (Jimmy Cliff)
"End of the Line"    (The Traveling Wilburys)

And now we can be happy!... Congress-be-damned... (but we mean that in a nice way...)

Smeared Skies Made from Hundreds of Stacked Photographs, by Matt Molloy