Monday, July 7, 2014

ain't gonna study war no more

Thinking about it, it looks to me like the reason for
is so that we can have world peace,
or at least -- not another "Big One."
So we don't have to do this

or this

After communism seemed to abruptly crumble, in 1989 (in reality it wasn't so "abrupt" -- watch Charlie Wilson's War...)

...the U.S. got going with NAFTA and CAFTA, globalization, and the race to the bottom.  I think what that must mean is, we (the U.S.) are seeking to export capitalism and spread it around the world, so that there can be -- one big world economy, or if not that, then various functioning economies around the world which interlock with each other, and trade with each other.

Such interdependence and doing-of-business together would make war less likely, because everyone would see the futility of it.  I think the goal is to not have these pockets, or dark corners, in the world where there's poverty, desperation, and hopelessness, because that's what leads some of those people to commit acts of desperation and frustration.

When some of us were in junior high, it was a big deal when Pres. Nixon went to China to make-nice with their leaders, in a series of meetings.  We hoped that communist China would not team up with communist Russia and go after us.

Now -- we grumble that stuff is "made in China" but the current efforts to re-shape the world economy are taking America out of the crosshairs of horrible fanatics because there are fewer horrible fanatics -- now they can get JOBS and Be Happy!

We don't have to worry about communism all the time anymore, because communism failed.  It seems to be - gone.  So now (I think) our country is trying to spread capitalism all around the world, so that it can work for everybody.

No more war is OK with me, for sure.  There's an old Italian saying, "The more things change, the more they remain the same."  That sounds clever if a person wants to express cynicism, but it really isn't true.  Things do improve, in the world, if we work on it.


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