Wednesday, July 23, 2014

good-night, Timothy Leary, wherever you are

Minimalism, I read, is a movement that started in the American Northwest.  (Oregon... Washington State... What do they know, up there?...)

Some Comments by people who are Simplifying:

~ ~  "...I'm tired of all of this daily technology.  I'm jaded, even.  I'm taking back control of my life and purposefully stepping away.  Thanks for inspiring me to rant with this comment."

~ ~  "I crave silent time with my pets, books and family -- the world is such a noisy and media-filled place lately, it is hard to escape."

~ ~  "This is why I deleted everything from the "social" folder on my iPhone this week.  It wasn't making me more social."

~ ~  "I've recently been gutting my room in preparation for a move to Yamagata, Japan.  The result has been an office/living space that is making a minimalist out of me and spurring goal-shifts that are down-right scary.  I no longer feel the need to have the car, the house, or the Wii.  I'm plotting my escape from clutter-society oh so quietly!"

~ ~  "...A couple days ago I cleared everything off my physical desk except my laptop, wireless mouse, and desk lamp, and took everything off the wall in front of it except two pieces...and a little whiteboard I used to keep a to-do list on, that now simply says "DO WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE."  The difference this has made is almost indescribable."

~ ~  "Friends accuse me of not checking my cell phone enough but I check it every day.  I open the drawer and there it is -- right where I left it."

(Tune in; drop out.
Tune out; drop IN??...)

That last comment -- checking the cell phone daily by looking at it in the drawer where he left it, reminds me of a friend who quotes his mother as saying that she is in her Jacuzzi (hot tub?) twice every day -- she steps into it to reach a window she wants to open, in the morning, and in the evening when it's time to close it, she again steps into the Jacuzzi, so she can reach that window....

Some things in our lives are like that.

The ideas in the

Simplifying / Minimalist life perspective & lifestyle movements

may be applied differently by different people -- it's a way of looking at things, where you carefully consider your priorities and true desires, and align your time and your life with them -- firmly and fearlessly, undeterred by advertising or "the crowd"....


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