Thursday, July 24, 2014

how spacious are our skies?

Contemplating globalization.

Thinking of it as a Peace Plan.

By exporting capitalism, the U.S. is letting everyone on earth "in on" the hope and prosperity inherent in capitalism.  (Capitalism at its best, that is.  We are not trying to export, uhm, sixteen tons of anything and there will be NO "company store.")

I wonder if the other modern industrialized nations are also exporting jobs to the Third World in order to pull them "up," by increasing their opportunities and improving their lifestyle.  Or is it just "us, U.S." as Paul Harvey liked to say...?

Came across a series of single-frame cartoons about globalization:  in one, a tired dad tells his young daughter, "No, you may not outsource your homework to India."

Another one shows, in one square, two scenes, on the left a young man in "USA", and in the right-hand section it says, "INDONESIA" at the top, & there's an Asian girl working hard at a sewing machine; she's either crying or perspiring -- drops of something....

In the USA picture, the young man is leaning against a brick wall, hands in pockets, cap pulled low over his eyes, staring hopelessly at nothing.  Caption says, "NO WORK."  And above his sneakers is the caption:  "$150 SHOES."

In the Indonesia side, the top caption says, "LOTS OF WORK" and above the girl's bare feet another caption reads, "NO SHOES."

A third cartoon shows Uncle Sam at the U.S. - Mexico border, standing before a fence of scrolling barbed-wire, facing a small cluster of Mexican people.  Uncle Sam holds a sign in each hand.  One sign says, "STOP ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION" -- the sign in his other hand:  "HELP WANTED."

One Mexican man asks, "Is he schizophrenic?"

Another answers, "Borderline."

Imagine:  Peace On Earth.

Peace through free trade.