Sunday, November 30, 2014

Boris Spassky is coming, Boris Spassky is coming

EXT.  A park - Day

In bright sunshine, Gust Avrakotos and Congressman Wilson walk toward a cluster of young men playing chess, at several tables.

Gust -- "All right, here's a test.  You see the nerdy-looking kid in the white shirt playing against the four guys at once?"

Charlie -- Yeah.

-- Which one of the guys do you think is a strategic weapons expert with the CIA?

Wilson sighs and adds, "Huhm."  He isn't guessing.

Gust -- That was a trick question, Charlie.  It's the nerdy-looking kid in the white shirt.  All right, no reason this can't be fun, you know.  Mike!

(Mike) -- Yeah, just a second.

Gust -- Need you now, Mike.

Mike addresses the other guys, as he stands up:  "Keep playing."

Gust -- Mike Vickers, this is Congressman Charles Wilson of the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee.

Mike -- How are you, sir?
Wilson (looking at him skeptically) -- Fine, thank you.  How old are you?
Mike (with a slight look) -- I'll be 30 next week.

Wilson speaks to Gust:  "This is the CIA's weapons expert?"

-- One of them.
Wilson -- He's the most senior.
Gust -- Look...
Chess player -- Mike!
Mike -- Yeah, bishop to queen's knight 7.
Gust -- See?  He's playing without even looking at the board.
Wilson -- That's a useful skill.  If Afghanistan's ever invaded by Boris Spassky.  (with escalating intensity)  Did my office not make it clear to Langley that I'm in no mood to be fucked around with?

{Charlie Wilson's War.  Mike Nichols.   Aaron Sorkin.  2007.  Book by George Crile.}


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