Friday, November 7, 2014

I will "go-about" getting it for you

Inside the embassy, Congressman Wilson visits with station chief Harold Holt.

Holt -- Look, normally, a congressional delegation, we'd give them a courtesy briefing on the situation, but as you can see, it's getting pretty late, we don't have a whole lot of time anyway, so --

Wilson -- Well, make the time.  Fuck your time, Harold.  I'm on Defense Appropriations.  I'm catching a plane back to Washington in just a few minutes.  Now I need a full classified briefing right now.

(With a sigh, walking while he talks, Holt) -- "Hundred and twenty thousand Soviet troops in all."

-- "Hundred and twenty thousand?"

-- 40th Army is garrisoned in the cities and in the airports.  Your seventh and eighth infantry divisions are in Kabul.  The 18th in Mazar-e Sharif, the fourth armored--

Wilson -- Anything inside?
-- I'm sorry?
-- They controlling anything inside?

-- Soviet advisors have appropriated the Afghan intel service and the ministries.

-- Which ministries?

(with an attitude of curious disconnectedness, resignation) -- Er - all of them.  Anyway, the fourth armored covers Bagram Airbase.  Seventh Armored is --

-- Why ain't they shooting down them helicopters?

-- I'm sorry?

-- The helicopters, Harold.  Why ain't we givin' 'em something to shoot down the helicopters?

-- The helicopters... are a problem.

-- You think?

-- Congressman...

-- They're shooting at Soviet gunships with Enfield rifles.  That's basically what Davy Crockett used.

Holt -- The Soviet Hind gunship is especially armor-plated to resist bullets.

-- Yeah I know, I know.  So you tell me what you need to shoot 'em down.

Holt -- What do you mean?

Wilson -- Tell me what you need.  (peers at the station chief a little harder)  Do you understand what I'm sayin'?  You tell me what you need,  and I will go about gettin' it for you.

-- Congressman, I appreciate your generosity, but a sudden influx of money and modern weaponry would draw attention.

-- What?
-- A sudden influx of money and modern...
-- Wait, it would draw attention?
-- Yeah.
-- Why, I don't even know what that means.  This is the Cold War.  Everybody knows about it.
-- Should I continue with the briefing?
-- Have you been to these refugee camps?  Have you heard these stories?

-- Congressman, I am required to give you a briefing.  Should I continue?

Wilson looks at him.
-- No.  Thank you.


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