Thursday, January 1, 2015

always on my mind


The Congressman wakes, coughing, on his sofa, the TV news talking.

The apartment is empty of young ladies wearing '80s-style padded shoulders, empty of any "party animals."

Charlie Wilson's alone.

TV news broadcaster -- "This has been a year of setback and frustration.  And the Soviet Army, more than at any time since the war began, now has the upper hand.

The mujahideen are pinned down.  The Afghan resistance has been sanctified by the United States, but the support has not been translated into military hardware.  The guerrillas still cling to the Kalashnikov, but it's not enough.

They're waiting in vain for bigger modern weapons to turn on the Red Army.  The guerrillas survived the raid.  The Soviets now are conducting some of the heaviest bombing of the war.  The Soviets have put more troops and equipment back in."

Charlie stalks up the stairs, tired, and grumbles, "Comma-nist bastards."


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