Friday, January 23, 2015

wild jubilation

EXTERIOR.  Campaign headquarters - night

A red, white, and blue "Re-elect Wilson" sign, American flags, and balloons decorating the outside.  Through the gaily decorated picture windows, we can see a party going on, inside.

CHARLIE (in conversation) -- There's nothing wrong with that!


Confetti being tossed about, people in close quarters, laughing and partying.

Amid the noise and happy confusion, Charlie Wilson's voice -- as always, easy and friendly and firm --
"And out in Polk, there's the polecat who took us over the side there!  You know, that's the truth....What do you got?
Is that Gus?  You got it."

The congressman takes the phone.

"Hey, Gus!"

INT. - a CIA office - night

In contrast to Charlie Wilson's surroundings, Gust is alone in the dark with a desk lamp on, & some papers in hand, the telephone receiver wedged on his shoulder.

Gust -- Congratulations on your reelection.
Charlie -- Yeah, thank you.  Tell me what you know.
-- All right.  Doc Long is gonna lose.
-- Yeah, yeah, yeah.  We saw that coming.

Gust -- Yeah, so who's gonna be our wallet now?
-- John Murtha.
-- And is that good news?
-- Yep.
-- Why?
-- I was his vote on the Ethics Committee.

(Well if anyone asks what I'm doin' on the Ethics Committee, we'll tell 'em I like drinkin' whiskey and chasin' women, and the Speaker felt we were underrepresented. ...)

Gust Avrakotos starts laughing. -- You know, you're a very, very easy man to like, Congressman.
Charlie -- Call me tomorrow morning at high noon!

EXT.  The mountains of Afghanistan - Day

Congressman Charles Wilson and some Afghan freedom fighters on horseback.  With horses whinnying in the background, a man speaks in a foreign language.  The translator says to Charlie Wilson,

"We present you with this Stinger tube."

The crowd of Afghans cheers and fires some guns (into the air, to punctuate the celebration).

The typed-in caption at the lower-left section of the screen reads,
"APRIL 14, 1988

CUT TO:  a close-up of a TV, with a regular sized screen set in a large piece-of-furniture (a 1970s or '80s TV).

On the TV screen in the film, are happy Afghan men, cheering, rejoicing.  Their heads are covered by either hats, or cloth scarves.

REPORTER's voice:  "There was wild jubilation inside the country of Afghanistan as last weekend it became the first country in history to defeat the mighty Soviet Union. ..."