Tuesday, January 20, 2015

where's it at?

-- Is this the war we want to be fighting, Henry?  Huh?

-- Harold, whatever he's doing, believe me, it's working.
[SFX missiles firing in Afghanistan]

NEXT SHOT in Charlie Wilson's War:

committee meeting room on Capitol Hill

Wilson -- "The CIA estimates that seven out of every 10 times the muj fires a Stinger, a Soviet chopper or a plane falls out of the sky.  Now, Russian MiGs go for 20 million, Stingers go for 60-70 thousand."

Another congressman -- "What do you want to do?"

Charlie -- "Well, I'd like to double to 250 million."

A second of silence, but the committee members are smiling.  They're going to make the appropriation, but it's a big step.

A lawmaker, in a tone in between awe and amusement -- "Remind me again, where did this thing start?"

They chuckle, savoring the perspective of how big this covert help to the Afghan fighting force has become....

[phone ringing]

INT.  Joanne Herring's bedroom - Night

She's sitting up in bed, reading.  Husband sleeps next to her, under blankets.  The two tall skinny dogs (greyhounds, maybe?) lounge peacefully on top of the blankets.

She answers the telephone quietly.

"Is this Mrs. Joanne King Herring Davis?"

-- Where's it at, Charlie?

-- How was the honeymoon?
-- Where's it at, Charlie?
-- One billion dollars.  That's right.  Billion with a "b."

Joanne -- Where does this rank, relative to other covert wars?

Charlie -- There's never been anything else like it.

-- Since when?

-- Ever.

-- I miss you Charlie.

-- Ah Joanne.  I always miss you.

-- I better go.

{Charlie Wilson's War.
Director, Mike Nichols.
Scriptwriter, Aaron Sorkin.  2007}


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