Friday, January 30, 2015

I'll write you a check, babe, hand me a pen

I was reading about how to respond (or not) to people who perpetrate hostility on you...there's

"walk away"

"ignore them"

"try not to let it ruin my day"

"can't take it personally -- because it's got to do with their own stuff, inside them"

...and then there was one Commenter who said he was going to place mistletoe in his back pocket...Hmm.


...Now the bricks lay on Grand Street

Where the neon madmen climb

They all fall there so perfectly

It all seems so well timed

And here I sit so patiently

Waiting to find out what price

You have to pay to get out of

Going through all these things twice

Oh -- Mama -- can this really be the end

To be stuck inside of Mobile

With the Memphis blues again