Friday, November 20, 2015

every hair in place

I noticed something, once -- while State Legislature was in session, one of the representatives from the eastern edge of the state was rumored to be contemplating a run for U.S. representative for our state.  He was an attractive man with a big smile, affable, and friendly, with full, thick hair cut in an up-to-date yet subdued style.  (Keeping it between the ditches...)

Later during that session I heard that another state legislator, this one from the western part of the state, might look at running for that Washington seat in the upcoming election.  He was a handsome man with a nice smile, very outgoing -- typical political type -- and had thick dark hair, in a well-shaped cut that flattered his face.

And by the time a State House member, up from the south-central part of our state and serving on the House Education Committee among others, told me in an elevator that he was thinking of running for that U.S. seat,

besides mentally noting that the primary was gettin' a little crowded (they were all three in the same political party), I also was observing his physical look which was what high-school girls would call "cute."  With -- (you guessed it) -- a full head of dark-brown hair -- thick, healthy, vibrant...

(Was starting to think, is this a situation where, every attractive guy with what some glamour-mongers might call "good hair" is going to run for that U.S. House seat?  Beauty contest, folks?...)

in the Eighties we had "hair bands."
In the early 2000s we have "hair candidates."


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