Thursday, November 12, 2015

hey that's it

One weekend day a few summers ago, I had a sudden realization -- an epiphany, if you will -- while watching on-disc an episode of the 1998 - 2004 HBO series, Sex And The City -- 

two characters on the show were having a conversation (really, they could have titled that show, Chat And The City, but someone in the Business probably said "Sex" would sound more "edgy"...) and one of them said,

marriage and family and career success and -- "all the things I want t' get from life!"

and it hit me, that regardless of (or in spite of enduring) pressures, expectations, judgments, nagging, badgering, criticizing, pushing, implying, pestering, and whatever -- I have never wanted to "get" things "from" life -- I wanted, instead -- I realized, to -- put stuff in.


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