Friday, November 6, 2015

little rain

"Bernie Sanders Doesn't Kiss Babies, is that a Problem?" was the headline of an article in the NY Times this week which must have ultimately sent the editors out to purchase umbrellas when the Reader Comments "rained" in...

(a sampling) --

Little River, CA
Shame on the NYT for more fluff on Bernie and putting HRC above the fold nearly every day. 

It is clear that this paper is joined at the hip with Wall Street. 

Why don't you serve the interests of the public when it really counts and cover the issues in the presidential campaign for the democratic nomination.  Nearly every commenter sees through this charade.

Go Bernie!

Geez seriously.  I*m not voting for Lady Macbeth no matter how much you try to scare me into believing Sanders can*t win.

Maybe he can, if enough of us vote our consciences.

third.coast, earth
I saw Chris Christie do his routine in a diner.

People were star struck, but in that sense of "Hey, that's the guy from tv."

He did the thing where he waited in line to order and pay, even though the whole event was obviously organized for the news media.

So it's no surprise that he was smiling, posing for photos, and had a chipper response to every question.

I wonder what people did with all those selfies.

Meanwhile, Christie was and is a creep and a monster.

The worst is that mouth agape, eyes wide silent scream that Hillary puts on.  Every other second she's SURPRISED! and DELIGHTED! to see someone in the crowd.


America has a bunch of political traditions that are stupid, dated, and should be dropped.  Some for consideration:  1) kissing babies; 2) "impromptu" televised visits to the proles in diners; 3) publicly eating fried things at state fairs; 4) Iowa caucuses; 5) New Hampshire primaries; 6) voting for a Bush; and so on.

Craig in South Korea
Bernie's on a mission to save Americans from economic injustice and state suppression of their rights. 

He ain't never gonna have enough time again. 

People see that the big picture is so much more important than a comforting or ego-boosting couple minutes with the only candidate they ever met who sincerely cares about their problems.

Martha Shelley in Portland, OR
I'm a regular contributor to the Sanders campaign.  I don't want a kiss or an autograph for it.  I'm not contributing in order to get special favors for my small business.  All I want is:

1) Medicare for all

2) Government by the people, not the billionaires

3) An end to mass imprisonment of the poor and minorities, an end to the police getting away with murder

4) Government to regulate Wall Street, not the reverse

That's some of what I want from a new administration.  What I want from the NY Times is coverage of the political and economic issues, not snarky articles denigrating Sanders.


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