Wednesday, November 4, 2015

who's minding the levers?

Four days ago the New York Times ran a story headlined, "Bernie Sanders Doesn't Kiss Babies.  That a Problem?" and their readers really took them to task, in the Comments section. 

(Some of the Commenters refer to the paper as "the gray lady"...[??] -- I think it's a sort of casual familiarity -- an endearment, like referring to the Republican Party as the "G-O-P"...)

sample / Reader Comments

You're right, because the DNC establishment has a terrible track record when it comes to actual progressive policies, and would never allow a genuine progressive anywhere near the levers of power. 

That's probably why most of us have to hold our nose to vote for Democrats these days. 

Clinton might be the better political candidate, the more gracious recipient of corporate support, the best baby kisser, but she's not a progressive and does not represent a way forward.

Grass Valley, CA
The paper has already crowned Hillary as Queen of the Democrats.

Has the New York Times published any positive articles about Bernie Sanders?  I certainly haven't seen any.

I don't appreciate your biased reporting of the Democratic primary.

Melbourne, Australia
Another long article from the Times about an alleged Sanders liability without a single mention of policy or vision.

Bernie Sanders prefers to talk about the issues.

Not so the NYT.

bay area
Real statesmen aren't celebrities, nor do they want to be, the best recognize themselves as humble public servants. 

The couple of times I met Mr. Sanders he clearly was focused on the tasks ahead and not concerned with momentary and gratuitous small talk - a character trait I can truly appreciate.  We're electing a president - not Oprah. 

And yes, another disappointing Times angle on Sanders as if we don't already know who the gray lady supports.

is it a problem that sanders doesn't kiss babies -- no, it isn't.  the problem is a media culture that trivializes a candidate who is the adult in a collection of liars, fools and dissemblers campaigning for the presidency.

it is a problem when the nation's premiere newspaper prioritizes the hurt feelings of candidates (and now the new mommies) from every perceived slight -- manufactured or real -- over the substantial differences among these candidates.

the degraded political coverage is the problem.

Stony Brook
Come on Times, report on the issues, not the fluff.  We're not idiots.

Sounds like Bernie Sanders is not a glad handing, baby kissing phony.

Ugh, NY Times.  You are shameless.

How about a headline that says "Bernie Sanders is the Only Candidate Relentlessly Focused on the Issues.  Is That a Problem?"

Park Slope
It is incredible to me that surrounded by so much world-class reporting, we have this nonsense on Bernie Sanders -- again.  always.  Reliably.

The New York Times is actually criticizing a serious, substantive candidate for his failure to schmooze.  A candidate who is within percentage points of a politician who should be running circles around him -- but who isn't, because anyone who's heard him engage on the issues knows Bernie Sanders is the real deal.

This is nonsense.  I am staggered that this is the best the Times can offer on the senator from Vermont.  Guess we can't all have the ingratiating charm of a reality TV star.

Nonsense.  Nonsense.  Nonsense.

It's okay with me.

Bernie Sanders cares about the American people, and shows it through his policy positions, not through fake smiles, pointing into a crowd as if the candidate has just seen her best friend, or photo ops with miserable babies.

He may not be the NY Times favorite candidate but so far he's doing okay with the rest of us.

New England
Yet again, another NYT "story" of style over substance.  Mr. Healy has the gall to characterize Senator Sanders as having a "high minded style".

Heaven forbid the NYT recognizes a candidate who is exceedingly focused on critical domestic policies and the basis of good government. 

Senator Sanders' competency, integrity and focus on making government work for ALL the people is what attracts responsible voters.

Hells Kitchen, NYC
"Bernie Sanders Doesn't Kiss Babies.  That a Problem?"
It would kill you to cover the issues, wouldn't it.
This is a new low for a once great news outfit.

New Jersey
The corporate strategy all along has been to marginalize Senator Sanders and

to avoid giving his policies anything resembling legitimate coverage in the corporate-controlled media. 

To see the NYT closing ranks with superficial nonsense like Mr Healy's piece is troubling indeed.

Palm Springs, CA
Dumb article.  A good example of what's wrong with election coverage in a nutshell.  I'd rather see a serious piece contrasting Clinton, the neoliberal, versus Sanders, a true progressive.  The gray lady owes us at least that.

he does not need to kiss babies or sit down and chat

this is an election about personal responsibility to vote your conscience

it is not bernies responsibility to do that for you

its your vote and your make the right choice

and if your going to vote for someone because they sat down at your table
and made meaningless chit chat...your not a serious person

we are in serious times that call for everyone to vote their conscience not their party

Miami, Fl.  33131
Another sophomoric, totally without substance, NYT article about Senator Sanders. 

After 35 years of surreptitious purchasing of our politicians, regulatory agencies, "Justice" Department, Supreme Court and electoral system by the Wall St., Billionaire One%,

America is on the verge of total Oligarchy. 

You know if Mrs. Clinton, Wall St. Corporatist, is elected our Race to the Bottom will continue. 

You know if one of the Republican Tea Party puppets is elected our Race to the Bottom will be ended, most likely with a Dictatorship. 

And the NY Times treats this election like the National Inquirer Lite. 

You know that the only chance "WE" have of returning America to a Democratic Republic is very slim but, in 2016, rests entirely on the election of Senator Sanders and "revolutionary", continuous support by vast millions of voters. 

Print this and rebut this .  Show me I am wrong !

Green Valley, Az
This is not a usual election.  Journalists are having a really hard time coming to grips with that. 

There are very strong elements in the country that are sick to death of the power of the oligarchs that hold average Americans in a grip of exploitation. 

There are Americans who are suffering and dying because of conservative policies and greed. 

Bernie Sanders represents these victims.  This leaves little time for shallow pleasantries. 

Bernie's revolution is real.  Get used to it.

Seriously NYT?  What is your beef with Bernie?  Are the Clintons on your Board of Directors or something?  Come on!

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The ball keeps on bouncin'...

-- Gust Avrakotos


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