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haymaker in New Hampshire

Reader Comments in The Guardian, from December 18th:

____  Why is there a news blackout on Donald Trump today?  : )

P.S.  You finally do a story on Bernie Sanders and the whole thing fits the screen of my phone.  Progress I guess.

____  Slowly but surely, Bernie will be the Democratic nominee and then President.  He gave nothing away to Hillary.  His message resonates with those of us that know that real change must occur.  Even Republicans know that Cruz, Rubio, Trump et al extremists are endangering our country and planet.  Keep the faith.  Go Bernie!

____  Bernie has been consistently, for decades, been advocating the same reforms he asserts today.  Bravely independent at a time when others calculated their political future as the priority.  We reap the rewards of the failures then.

Bernie Sanders is the only presidential candidate I trust to do what they promise or place the needs of the country ahead of the power structures' demands.

____  If Bernie wins the nomination, he'll win the presidency in a landslide and enter office with a strong mandate...

Unlike Obama, he will actually use that mandate to lead change....

____  Yours is one of the few realistic comments about Sanders I've read on these pages in the last 6 months.

Sometimes it's unreal, the bubble all these earnest liberals are living in.  I could be wrong but I don't think Sanders has a snowball's chance in Hell of even winning the Democratic nomination, let alone the White House. 

The commenter who wrote that Sanders will "have little trouble bringing them (e.g. racial minorities) on board" is a perfect example of this lack of realism.

____  Right.  And a world series was once lost because a spectator in the stands caught a ball they should have left for the fielder.
Except that's nonsense.  Defining moments are great things to say at a pub with other idiots, but they're never actually real.

____  You're living in denial but that won't last much past the New Hampshire primary.  The media are shills for Hillary because the writing is on the wall and they don't want to be left out in the cold.

Hillary Clinton is our next war president.  Bernie Sanders' spot-on ideas are only about domestic affairs.  Did he even make a comment about Paris or San Bernardino?  War in Syria is coming fast and hard.

____  Who believes in polls?  Samples of 300 people with a landline.  Just don't know how relevant they are.  After the two previously held democratic debates Bernie won online polling with landslide numbers.  But the media then nicely declared Hillary the winner.

Pollsters and pundits, pimps of the establishment?

____  The major networks here in the US barely mention Sanders.  They mention Clinton a lot.  So the average voter who is busy working two jobs to make ends meet knows nothing about Bernie and what he has fought for FOR DECADES. 

There is deliberate and pervasive neglect of Sanders. 

Hillary's friends on Wall Street do not want to see a fellow who advocates breaking up the five largest banks and restoring Glass-Steagall and making the TV outlets actually be balanced in their coverage.  They don't want him anywhere near the White House.  Our owners want Clinton.  GO BERNIE!

____  I'm surprised that Bernie is not further in front - Why?  Because over 6.5 million US citizens are on or below the official poverty line.  Also the median salary level in the US has been going down each and every year for decades - meaning that the rich are getting richer and the poor and the middle earners are getting poorer.  This is supposed to be the land of the free - and freedom is completely 'hobbled' by poverty and inequality.  The 'American Dream' is no more....

____  Go Bernie.

____  Mr. Sanders is a good and honest man and will do the right things for our country.  He has my vote and the votes of my family and friends.  SANDERS FOR PRESIDENT.

____  Points:

1.  In both America and Europe, the centre cannot hold.  With the relentless increase in inequality (particularly in the US), voters are opting for candidates who are significantly to the left (Bernie Sanders) or right (Donald Trump) of the previous consensus.

2.  American progressives rightly do not trust Hilary Clinton, with her deep links to both commercial lobbies (e.g. big pharma) and political special-interest groups (e.g. the Israel lobby).

3.  Donald Trump is such a lunatic that Sanders might beat him - in fact, the stark contrast might make him a more plausible candidate to do this than Mrs. Clinton.

____  Bernie will crush trump.  He already beats him in the polls without the same name recognition.  Sanders has very powerful sway with the independent vote.  He has a long history of crossover votes as well.  Hillary does not.  This alone makes Bernie more electable than Hillary.

____  The establishment is not having a good December.

____  At least the Guardian gives publicity to Bernie.

____  Did you mean at "last" the Guardian gives coverage to Bernie?

____  Haha, indeed.

____  I'm not the religious sort but I'd pray for a Sanders/Ventura ticket.

____  Ventura was our gov in MN and he was hopeless.  Ventura is about himself and I doubt he's changed that much.  Bad choice!

____  Sanders/Warren would be the best ticket

____  I'll second that!

____  You know who I think would be a good choice for VP on a Sanders ticket?  Donna Edwards of Maryland.  Here's her run-down. [blue-through-link - see The Guardian]

____  Sanders/Warren indeed!  The GOP meltdown would be completed.

____  I am under no illusions about Sanders' chances against the party establishment and status quo elite forces backing Clinton. 

But God I would give anything to see him give them the punch to the gut they so richly deserve when the caucuses are held and then follow it up with a haymaker in New Hampshire where he's actually favored, just to remind them that simply being "Not The Republicans" is not enough.

Go Bernie!

____  Indeed.  I don't think Sanders will win, and am fairly unique in my age/political group in hoping that he does not win.

But his run has been well fought so far, and while he has not forced Clinton left (contrary to popular belief) he HAS forced her to articulate positions she probably would have been silent on otherwise. 

She was making the mistake of letting people know what she didn't stand for (ie:  the idiocy of the GOP), rather than what she DOES stand for.

Not being the republican might be enough, but it shouldn't be. 

The American people deserve more in their leaders than 'not the worst option you were given'. 

Or maybe they DON'T deserve it, but I for one would like it anyways.

____  It's clear that it's even worse than just voting for the non-republican.  A Hillary nomination will drive republican voter turnout to vote for the non-Hillary candidate.  It's a real and tangible danger.  The independent vote is what wins elections and she doesn't have it.  I suspect it will be the lowest voter turnout in any presidential election if Hillary wins the nomination.

____  Please guardian, more news on Bernie Sanders please!  He is the hope for many people around the world.

____  So was Obama.  And look at all the "hope" he's been dropping from drones on many people around the world!

____  Would you prefer it be a soldier kicking down a door instead?  War sucks..period.

Still...any sides who can fight effectively without putting their own troops' lives at risk would do so in a heart beat. 

Truman felt the same way when he eradicated two entire cities off of the face of the Earth which led to the end of one of the worst conflicts in human history.  Would you be making your snarky comments to him as well?

____  No, because the US didn't start that war.

____  Obama didn't START the war either.  He just moved the campaign and changed the rules of engagement....hey what do ya know; much like Truman!

____  Sanders has a multi-decade track record, Obama did not.  No comparison.

____  Mr Bernie Sanders is the only honest and sincere politician out there in this day and age. 

I would trust Mr Bernie Sanders over any of those other candidates.

Mr Bernie Sanders will win POTUS in 2016

____  The treacherous mainstream media tries so hard to avoid Bernie Sanders.. yet he still gains the support he deserves.

____  Bernie, I am happy to say, gets roughly the same coverage as Hillary, which is to say, a considerable amount, especially in progressive (but no less mainstream) sources such as the guardian.

____  False as fuck.

Not a day goes by without well exposed articles on Clinton.  Sanders doesn't get anywhere near that kind of coverage.

____  Hillary is even mentioned in almost every GOP primary article as well as the dozens per week she already gets. 

This is one of the very few Sanders articles in the last week.  I'm an avid news reader and I check this site every single day multiple times a day.  You can't tell me there isn't a slant.

____  Sanders represents working people ..  Where Mrs. Clinton represents the Democrat elite and privileged .. 

If I was Union man I would certainly back Mr. Sanders he is the only candidate in the entire field that address the Middle Class directly .. 

I find that to be what this Nation needs a champion of the Working People and not Wall Street or Big Oil ..  But people who get up and do 9 hours or more a day every day and come home and piece together how to make this last paycheck stretch until the next one ... 

America's middle class are the REAL HERO'S of America ..  and they are ignored

by the GOP of course but also by Mrs. Clinton ..  Where Mr. Sanders has made them the Centerpiece of his Campaign a refreshing angle for a candidate .. Focus on Americans ..  Wow what a novel idea ...

____  Get 'em Bernie!

____  GO BERNIE!

____  Days of hope.  Chomsky who I have followed for 45 years endorsed him.  He must be the man. 

Go Bernie

____  Elizabeth Warren needs to stop being a coward and endorse Bernie Sanders.

Team Bernie, if you're reading this, for the love of God, you need more exposure. 

Get him out there, get him on TV.  Everyone who knows Bernie loves Bernie, but not many people know who he is.  Get his face out there, saturate the airwaves.  This is your first objective.  This needs to be your #1 priority right now.

____  They're focusing money on Iowa, New Hampshire, and select southern states...  I hope.  Haven't seen any advertising here in Colorado other than grassroots support, but we're not exactly an early caucus state.  Bumper stickers everywhere for Bernie though, dozens and dozens.  Saw one for Hillary and 2 for Trump/Carson.


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