Monday, December 28, 2015

warm indoors on a cold winter day

Last week I was writing here about Cat who makes "trails" of things made out of cloth, strung mysteriously yet purposefully across my carpet.

The trail-making always takes place while I'm away, or asleep -- so I never see the trail being made, I only see it after it's done.

To clarify -- I didn't mean to leave the impression that this Cat throws stuff all over, constantly, making large messes -- an endless criss-cross of "trails."  That's not the case -- she doesn't do it all the time, only on and off.  She'll make a trail or two in the space of three or four days, then stop.  Then a few weeks later, a couple of more trails appear....

I never object, or ask her not to do it.  In fact, I compliment her cleverness, creativity, and industriousness.  And I leave the trail for a while, and then pick the things up later, maybe when she's not looking.

(Nothing is ever the Cat's fault.  [The rules are simple and easy to understand...])


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